Are you considering getting a tattoo removed, but are unsure if tattoo removal procedures really get the job done? Decades ago, tattoo removal was a difficult and nearly impossible process. These days it's faster, easier and more popular than ever.

Marketwatch reported on this growing industry and pointed out that a study from research firm IBISWorld found that in the past 10 years, revenue for tattoo removal has risen 440 percent to more than $75 million. What's behind this surge?

While there are many possible factors, one thing that's certain is advancements in laser technology have made successful tattoo removal more possible than ever before. This fact could be what's encouraging more people to visit laser clinics to get rid of unwanted ink. Also, getting a job can be difficult these days, and the process can be even more tough for people with visable tattoos.

Interestingly, Marketwatch pointed out that since tattoos can now be removed with as little scarring as possible, more people are considering getting new tattoos. After all, the idea of getting a tattoo seems a lot less intimidating when you know you could get it removed some day if you need to.

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