It’s not just the average Joe who has regrets about some tattoos from his past, celebrities can make mistakes as well. Johnny Depp notoriously changed his “Winona forever” tattoo to “wino forever,” following his split with Winona Ryder, and many other celebs have come forward with tales of tattoos they wished they could undo.

Radar Online spoke to celebrity tattoo artist Friday Jones, who explained that she had tried to talk mega-star Angelina Jolie out of getting her then-flame Billy Bob Thornton’s name tattooed on her bikini line. Jolie went through with the tat, however, and after the duo split in 2003 she underwent laser procedures do have it removed.

Jones explained that Jolie’s tattoo was done with a technique known as a “wash,” which only includes 50 percent black ink, making it simpler to remove.

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