News of a celebrity break-up is often paired with sightings of famous faces at tattoo removal clinics, and Hollywood's latest major split is no exception. Stars Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith recently announced that they would be separating after 18 years of marriage. Now, it appears that Griffith had some second thoughts about the heart tattoo on her arm that says "Antonio" in the middle.

The actress first showed off the tattoo in 1998, which is a large heart on her upper arm with Banderas' name prominently displayed in the middle. The Daily Mail is reporting that since the split, Griffith has been spotted leaving a tattoo removal clinic in Los Angeles, spurring rumors that she may be interested in removing her former husband's name from the heart.

Griffith was also seen at a movie premiere earlier this summer with makeup covering the "Antonio" part of her tattoo. She is just one of many stars who have taken steps to remove their former partner's name from their body.

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