It's no secret that a fair share of Hollywood actresses have a penchant for ink. While celebrity tattoos are not uncommon, though, some come as more of a surprise than others. One A-Lister with a wholesome image that one might not expect to have body art is Julia Roberts. However, the "August: Osage County" actress recently revealed in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that she has gone under the needle – and more than once.

An unexpected admission
ABC News reported that the 46-year-old star confessed while talking to the TV show host that she has several tatts.

"You are not who I thought you were Julia," DeGeneres teased.

The comedienne then asked Roberts about the location of her etchings, and while America's Sweetheart wouldn't say exactly where they are, she did promise those answers to DeGeneres later on. What she did say is that she has each of her three children's names – twins Hazel and Phinnaeus as well as Henry – emblazoned on her skin. Still, Page Six already spotted some of her body art years ago when she was on a beach vacation with her family in Hawaii. The news outlet reported that her kid's names are located on her lower back.

Not only that, but husband Daniel Moder's initials are permanently inked on Roberts' body, too. When DeGeneres playfully inquired as to why the Oscar winner didn't opt to get his full name, she explained that getting inked in his honor was already a big risk.

"Actually we were brave or idiotic, because it was before we got married," she said, as quoted by Beauty World News.

She wasn't the only one to take the plunge. Roberts told DeGeneres that Moder got a tatt of her initials, too.

Other tatted celebrity moms
The truth is, Roberts isn't the only famous mom with ink. Reese Witherspoon is another actress with a squeaky-clean image that's gone under the needle. Her body art includes a star tatt on her lower stomach flanked by two birds – one on each side.

It's tough to keep track of Angelina Jolie's tatts, too. Her collection continues to grow, and includes a variety of words and phrases in different dialects. Like Roberts, she sports a few designs dedicated to her adopted children – but hers display the geographical coordinates of their birth places. Before she had the ink commemorating her kids, she actually had ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton's name etched on her left arm. Parenting magazine noted that she also has the coordinates of longtime partner Brad Pitt's birthplace in Oklahoma emblazoned on her skin.

Meanwhile, Jessica Alba also boasts a bevy of tatts, like a Sanskrit character that signifies the lotus flower insider her wrist. While she used too have a ladybug and a flower etching as well, SheKnows reported that she underwent laser tattoo removal to get rid of them.

Alba's not alone in her tattoo regret, either. SheKnows reported that Drew Barrymore is yet another starlet with a slew of permanent designs on her body, including a cross on her leg, blossoms on her hip, two angels on her lower back and a butterfly on her belly. However, the source noted that according to Star magazine, Barrymore is planning to have all of her ink removed. Why the change of heart regarding ink? Apparently, the star mommy been considering eliminating her etchings because she may be converting to the Jewish faith for her husband, and must be tatt-free to be buried near him in the same cemetery. The source pointed out that even if it's not for religious reasons, the actress has been settling down with her family in recent years, which could also have inspired her shifting attitude toward body art.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2012