For many celebrities, ink isn't just a trend – it's a way of life. Some might qualify for full-fledged addiction, continually adding to their ever-growing body art collections. Since the public loves to stay on top of their favorite stars' lifestyles – including what clothing brands they're buying and where they're vacationing – it goes without saying that it makes headlines when one of them hits up the tattoo parlor. For some A-listers, this is a relatively frequent occurrence. While we've witnessed a wide variety of tatts in Hollywood over the years, some just stand out – either in a good or bad way.

Here are some of the praise-worthy and less than desirable tatts we've seen recently on the rich and famous:

Cara Delevinge sports some interesting ink that could prove to be the perfect inspiration for those who want an uncommon design. For example, the model and socialite got "made in England" stamped on her foot, and while some may have criticized the odd ink, it shows that she has respect for her roots. Plus, the sole of the foot is an unusual place to get inked in the first place, and it's a smart move since it's not super visible. So if she ever has any tattoo regret, she won't have to look at her unwanted ink all the time.

David Beckham has an extensive array of etchings all over his body, and while it's hard to choose which ones are the best, the names of his sons on his back certainly have a sentimental value. Unlike a risky tatt of a lover's name, which could turn into a painful reminder post-breakup, Beckham's body art makes sense. After all, love for your family is unconditional and eternal.

When Penelope Cruz got a small etching of the numbers "883" emblazoned on her ankle, fans were dying to know what the tatt indicated. The significance is still unclear – StyleBistro reported that some believed it might be a lucky number or an area code, but Cruz denied those theories. Regardless, Dave of One Shot Tattoo told the news source that it's a nicely executed inking because it has an element of secrecy and privacy, but clearly holds important meaning for the actress.

Who knew Gisele Bündchen's wrist tattoo would cause such a stir in the ink realm? Glamour magazine reported that the supermodel's etching of a tiny star caused plenty of copycat tatts, especially among girls with dreams of following in Bündchen's footsteps.

Rihanna can't seem to stay away from the tattoo parlor, and while she sports a number of designs, one of the most beautiful and elaborate is that of the goddess Isis on her ribcage. StyleCaster noted that the inking, which was done at her go-to spot, Bang Bang in New York City, is meant to honor her late grandmother Dolly.

When Eva Longoria got her wedding date printed on the inside of her wrist, it may have seemed like a romantic gesture. However, after her divorce, it's likely that she regretted the decision. Fortunately, she was able to quickly turn to laser tattoo removal and get rid of the design, according to The Telegraph.

Megan Fox probably thought that getting "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" showed off her passion for the literary arts. Instead, though, it merely proved how unfamiliar she may be with Shakespeare. Daily Makeover noted that if she was more knowledgeable about the play "King Lear," she would be aware that the actual line is "So we'll live, and pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh at gilded butterflies, and hear poor rogues talk of court news."

Hayden Panettiere likely learned an important lesson after getting her Italian-inspired tatt: Always spell check. The inking, "Vivere senza rimpianti," is supposed to translate to "live without regrets,"
but the last word has an extra "i." Fortunately the misspelled etching is on her back, so she doesn't have a constant reminder of the oversight.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013