By now, you've likely seen the video or heard the story about how Beyoncé's sister Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator at The Standard Hotel. While no one knows exactly why she was kicking and swinging at her sister's husband the night of the Met Gala, one thing is clear: The songstress has an issue with him, and potentially his marriage with Bey. Since this incident, a number of theories have been popping up about Solange's motive. Meanwhile, fans have been locked on Beyoncé to assess her reaction to the whole situation. The power couple has been pretty close-mouthed about what occurred, but some interesting developments have surfaced in the aftermath. One of the most mysterious of these is the fact that Beyoncé's famous finger inking appears to be gone.

Of all the celebrity tattoos with a romantic theme, Beyoncé and Jay Z's have gotten some of the most buzz. After the hip-hop stars tied the knot April 4, 2008, they​ both decided to get inked to commemorate their marriage. Their design of choice was a small Roman numeral IV, which symbolizes the day they said "I do." There's another reason they opted for that number as well – both celebs were born on the 4th – Jay in December and Bey in September.

The disappearing act
Both celebs have never been shy about showing off their love-inspired ink. In fact, Beyoncé has frequently been seen proudly displaying hers at red carpet events and awards shows. However, E! Online reported that it has become increasingly apparent that the Grammy-winner's body art is lighter than ever as of late. The "Drunk in Love" diva was seen at an NBA game recently, and the tatt looked so dull and faded that it was barely visible. E! Online explained that there's a good chance that Bey underwent laser tattoo removal to eliminate the marital etching. Considering the fact that her tattoo looked lighter merely days after the Jay-Solange altercation, many are speculating the fight had something to do with her decision.

Rising suspicions
So why would Bey want to get rid of her ring finger ink now? E! Online proposed that it could be the glaring stadium lighting that's making the ink look less prominent. Meanwhile, Perez Hilton pointed out that the singer could have simply covered up the design with makeup as opposed to getting it permanently removed. At the same time, the news outlet noted that there seemed to be a bruise in the tatt's place, which is significant because it's a well-known sign of laser removal. There don't seem to be obvious signs that the celebs are going to split anytime soon, so it's unlikely that her possible tattoo removal indicates she's moved on. On the other hand, Perez Hilton explained that it's possible Bey just wanted to be a better role model and eliminated her ink so as not to inspire their daughter, Blue Ivy, to go under the needle when she grows up.

Other questions have been circulating as well. Beyoncé put a photo on her blog over Easter that showed her with a bandage wrapped around her left ring finger, where the tatt would be. The Hollywood Gossip noted that it seemed like Bey was trying to remain neutral in regard to the Solange and Jay Z brawl. However, in the days following Solange and Jay Z's brawl, Bey posted images on her Instagram of her and her sister looking happy. Meanwhile, Jay's tatt still seems to be intact. Is Beyoncé finally taking a side? There's no telling just yet – but certainly, she's having some second thoughts about that ink that have caused her to either cover it up or eliminate it completely.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2012