When it comes to tattoos, a significant other's name is a fairly popular choice. Many celebrities have even opted to etch their lover or spouse's name onto various parts of their bodies to express their love and devotion. However, there is an innate risk that comes with this decision. After all, there's always a chance of a breakup, and once you're no longer together, you will forever be forced to think of your painful split whenever you look at the inking. Not to mention, it may bother future partners that you still have a permanent etching of someone else's name. The only solution? Laser tattoo removal.

Plenty of people have gone this route to get rid of their now irrelevant romantic tattoos. Particularly as Valentine's Day is fast approaching, there's never been a better time to consider eliminating an old tatt. Whether you're newly single or starting over in a relationship with someone new, tattoo removal methods provide the opportunity to have a clean slate. As technology has advanced, it's easier than ever to get rid of these heart-wrenching reminders, too.

Here's what you need to know:

Closing wounds
Johnny Depp famously had "Winona Forever" inked on his arm, but after he and Ms. Ryder ended their relationship, he had a portion of the phrase removed so that it reads "Wino Forever." He's not the only star who was inspired by love to get some ink – and later had tattoo regret. Angelina Jolie had Billy Bob Thornton's name etched on her arm, and later decided to get rid of it after she and Thornton divorced. Though she may very well continue to build on her extensive ink collection, the actress did learn her lesson, so it's unlikely that she'll get Brad Pitt's name imprinted on her anytime soon.

"I'll never be stupid enough to have a man's name tattooed on me again," she said, as quoted by Female First.

Sometimes couples make the decision to get inked together. For example, Russell Brand and Katy Perry got his and hers Sanskrit tatts on their inner arms soon after they got engaged in 2010. After deciding to divorce in 2012, Brand reportedly began the tattoo removal process. Heidi Klum also began to eliminate her tatt of ex-husband Seal's name last year after the two ended their marriage.

After breaking up with someone, it's considered unhealthy to keep reminders, like photographs, letters or mementos, of them around. After all, how are you supposed to move on when there are objects that continually make you think about them? For this reason, tattoo removal is a helpful way to heal.

A fresh start
Certainly, once a person has begun a new relationship, it's time to diminish any ink that is dedicated to a former flame. One doctor specializing in tattoo removal at Joie De Vivre Laser and Medical Spa in Ohio told The CantonRep that he recently had a client come in with the name "Jeff" on her foot. Why did she want the tatt removed? She had been married to someone named Tim for 30 years – and he jokingly assured her that he would never be changing his name to Jeff. Gurney noted that ever since he began doing removals, the number of people coming in for this service has continued to increase.

Joie De Vivre uses PicoSure, which Gurney stressed has been a major reason that the client base has grown.

"We're able to remove the tattoo in five to 10 treatments as opposed to the old ones which took 20 to 30 treatments," he told the news outlet. 

That means with PicoSure, you can put the past behind you faster and with less pain than ever.

Do you want to erase your tattoo? You are not alone; 20% of inked-individuals regret their tattoo*. Now permanent ink can be a thing of the past. PicoSure® is the latest breakthrough technology in laser tattoo removal providing faster results in fewer treatments. Visit www.picosurear.wpengine.com to learn more and find a PicoSure Practitioner near you.

* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013