For most people, a tattoo is a way to express how much something matters to them. That may be why celebrity parents opt to etch their kids' names on their skin with ink. It makes sense, too – the love for your children is unconditional and never-ending. While there's an innate risk of tattoo regret that comes with getting ink of a lover's name, children are a part of your life forever. So which stars have dedicated to get a design inspired by their kids?

Here are just a few famous people who used body art to honor their children.

Michael Bublé
​It's no secret that Bublé has been enamored with his son ever since his wife, lingerie model Luisana Loplato, gave birth last August. Between the photos he's spread on social media and gushing about him in interviews, it's clear the singer is one proud father. Now, though, the 38-year-old Canadian crooner took things to a new level by getting a tattoo of his son's name, Noah, on his wrist. He posted a photo on Instagram of his son's tiny hand touching the tatt while on his "To Be Loved" tour in Berlin. Is it any surprise that he decided to make his adoration for Noah permanent? He told US Weekly that having his son was "the greatest thing that could ever happen."

Angelina Jolie
Instead of merely getting her kids' names inked on her skin, Jolie went a different route. The actress has the geographical coordinates of the countries that each of her six children were born in marked on her upper arm.

Julia Roberts
Who says a lower back tatt has to be a "tramp stamp" design? Roberts decided to imprint the names of her twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus, as well as her other son Henry, on this part of her body.

The British singer was rather careful about concealing the name of her newborn. However, rumors quickly started spreading that she had chosen the name "Angelo," and before long, she was seen with an elegant cursive "A" behind one ear.

Victoria Beckham
Like Roberts, Beckham decided that her lower back was the best place to put a tatt that represents her family. She has a total of five stars there – one for both her and husband David Beckham, and then one each for their sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. Now she just needs an inking for Harper.

David Beckham
Like his wife, David Beckham got a tattoo for their beloved children. Along his left collarbone is one that reads the name of his daughter, Harper, in addition to an image of Jesus being carried by three cherubs – which symbolize his older sons. While the soccer star is famous for having an extensive collection of ink, according to The Daily Mail, he has admitted that those for his kids are his favorites.

Ewan McGregor
A heart and dagger tattoo is not uncommon, but McGregor's on his right arm has an extra special personal touch: The names of his wife, Eve, and their daughters, Clara, Esther, Jamiyan and Anouck.

Johnny Depp
Depp is no stranger to ink – and he learned his lesson the hard way with his "Winona Forever" tatt that it's not always best to permanently profess your love. On the other hand, he still has his son Jack's name etched across his chest with a flying sparrow, and his first born daughter Lily Rose's name right above it, close to his heart.

Heidi Klum
Klum opted to pay homage to her entire family by getting ink on her forearm for her former husband, Seal, as well as stars with the first initials of their four kids, Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou. Since Klum and Seal have split, she may be considering tattoo removal methods for his ink, but will more than likely take joy in the artwork for her children forever.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013