It's no secret that Harry Styles has a penchant for getting inked. The pop star already has an extensive array of artwork on his body, and continues to add to the collection. Celebrities aren't immune to tattoo regret, though – and Styles has been known to tweak or cover up past designs that he's changed his mind about. Whether he decided it was no longer relevant to his life or simply didn't like the look of the tattoos, he's been able to transform them into entirely new images.

First, the One Direction singer revealed a large anchor on his wrist where the words "I Can't Change" used to be. The tattoo artist was cleverly able to turn the words into the base of the anchor image. Now, he has once again opted to cover up an old inking by turning the "Things I Can't" tatt on his left arm into an image of the Holy Bible. There's no word on how he chose his new tatt – Styles hasn't spoken openly about his religion, but apparently it's a significant part of his life.

The Bible inking isn't the only one that he unveiled recently, either. The 19-year-old singer also added a piece of scrawled writing that reads "Silver Spoon." This could be a commentary on his newly luxurious lifestyle as a result of fame and fortune. Or alternatively, it might be a reference to lyrics from The Eagles' "Witchy Woman," or "Cats In The Cradle" by Harry Chapin.

Either way, at this rate, Styles may soon run out of room for the tatts he wants. He could very well keep re-reworking old ink into new designs, or otherwise he might have to start considering tattoo removal methods.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2012