It's not uncommon to see celebrity tattoos change or disappear entirely. The fact is, stars are just like us in a lot of ways – they can be impulsive, they change their minds, and, sometimes, they experience tattoo regret. One star who definitely suffered from unwanted ink was Malin Akerman. The star of "The Trophy Wife" got a wrist tatt with the last initial of then-husband Roberto Zincone's name in 2007. Though initially the design was a sweet homage to her relationship, that same "Z" instantly became a painful reminder when he filed for divorce just seven months after their child was born. So what did the starlet do?

She had several options. Of course, she could have eliminated the etching completely with the help of laser tattoo removal. However, USA Today reported that she opted to morph the design so that it referred to another special person in her life – her son, Sebastian. It took some creative needlework, but Akerman's tatt now bears her 10-month-old's initials instead. While vacationing in Miami, the actress hit up Miami Ink and had artist Jose Cordova emblazon an "S" over the "Z" for an interesting and eye-catching overlapping design. Then she posted the evidence of the tweaked tatt on Instagram for fans to see.

"@josecordova thx for the beautiful tattoo 😉 #miamiink," she wrote.

It just goes to show that there is always a solution when people aren't happy with their ink. Askerman's update is a smart one, too, considering her bond with her son is just as permanent and eternal as the tattoo on her wrist. In fact, many proud star parents have gotten designs in honor of their children. The simple "S" is not the only work Akerman had done while at Miami Ink, either. She and girlfriend Maranda Widlund both got matching puzzle piece friendship tattoos, too.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013