It's not uncommon for superfans to get celebrity tattoos to honor their favorite famous figures. Whether they opt to get stars' names emblazoned on their skin or portraits of their faces, these designs offer the ultimate way for individuals to express who their idols are. Some may decide to get a small, subtle piece as a personal reminder of their appreciation, while others might go for an elaborate etching that proves their adoration in a more public way.

No one has quite taken it to the level that Carl McCoid has, however. The Miley Cyrus fanatic, who resides in the U.K., has turned his body into an art exhibit on the pop star, with a multitude of designs that include the singer's signature, song lyrics, album titles and even her face.

​Building up the collection
McCoid now has a total of 23 tatts inspired by Miley. According to Celebuzz, his most recent addition is a profile of the singer on his hand, which he got to celebrate the kickoff of her "Bangerz" tour. He didn't hastily select a photo for inspiration, either. In fact, he sorted through 6,000 potential images before choosing the right one. The reason that he wanted the right side of her profile, he confessed, is that it shows off the shaven part of her head as well as her own ear tatt. Before this inking, he got an image of her face on both his shoulder and torso for No. 20 and No. 21.

"I thought it would be a temporary project, but it looks like it could continue because of Miley's ongoing change of style," McCoid told Celebuzz.

His other hand already sports the Cyrus quote "strategic hot mess," in addition to the letters of her first name spelled out across each finger. He admitted to the news outlet that he specifically chose his hand because it's the most visible spot.

"I always get a tattoo to celebrate her important events in life," he explained to Celebuzz.

The motivation behind it all
One might be surprised by his obsession, but apparently, his fixation on Miley Cyrus holds personal significance beyond a love for her albums. The Daily Mail reported that McCoid claims the singer's music helped him to get through a difficult divorce. Ever since then, he's been adding more ink to honor the pop star, and then showing off his tatt tributes via social media sites.

So what's next for McCoid's collection? According to Celebuzz, his next piece will be inspired by her MTV "Unplugged" debut. If he keeps this up, though, he may run out of room – meaning he might have to consider tattoo removal methods to make space for new Miley-themed designs.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2012