Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad have been BFFs since filming "The Hills," but their bond grew even stronger while interning at Teen Vogue magazine. Even though "The Hills" and "The City" have both stopped filming, the duo have remained close, and in some ways, they seem to be leading parallel lives. Both Port and Conrad announced last year that they would be tying the knot, announcing their engagements mere weeks apart. One thing that has always separated these reality starlets, though, is tatts. While Conrad has long sported body art, Port remained ink-free – until recently.

Port finally commits
Whether she was afraid of having tattoo regret or simply couldn't decide on a particular design, Port had only flirted with the idea of getting inked by testing out temporary varieties such as henna. For example, she revealed a hummingbird tatt on her ankle, which faded in time. The Daily Mail reported that the 28-year-old finally opted to get permanently inked, though, with a chain of beautiful flowers along her wrist and an etching of a swirly letter on her finger. There's no doubt that finger art has been a major trend in the realm of celebrity tattoos recently, and Port is just the latest star to jump on board. This one is especially eye-catching since it's emblazoned on the opposite hand that sports her engagement bling.

Conrad makes a change
Conrad was one of the first cast members on her reality show to get inked. However, she was also one of the first to regret her decision, as the "J" on her lower stomach stood for "Laguna Beach" star Jason Wahler. Once they split in 2006, it's likely that she didn't want a reminder of her former flame. So she had the "J" changed to an "L" for her own first name. That's not the only time she went under the needle. According to MTV News, she dealt with a lot of the negative press after she left "The Hills" by getting inked with the words "sticks and stones" in reference to the famous phrase that finished "may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

A cast with considerable ink
So what about the other members of "The Hills"? Stephanie Pratt has a matching tatt with her best friend Roxy Olin that's located on her bikini line, while Holly Montag has an etching of a Gaelic proverb. Audrina Patridge's Biblical-inspired neck design features an apple with a serpent around it.

Brody Jenner, on the other hand, has an extensive collection, including an enormous print of his last name in Old English font, two "Bs" on his right hand and wrist, and Roman numerals on the inside of his right arm. He and Avril Lavigne also opted to get matching lightning bolt tatts when the couple took a trip to Vegas, and eventually, also got inked with each other's names.

Apparently he didn't learn a lesson from cast-mate Kristin Cavallari, who got the letters "NZ" etched on the inside of her wrist for ex-boyfriend Nick Zano and had to undergo laser tattoo removal when they broke up.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013