As far as celebrity tattoos go, Jonny Gomes is no rookie. The Boston Red Sox outfielder sports some pretty impressive ink, and he's definitely not one to hide it, either. Recently, he showed off an elaborate piece on his torso that was especially eye-catching, which featured a duck boat, an American flag, the World Series trophy, and even a beard wearing a Sox hat and flexing. After his teammate Mike Napoli tweeted an image of the tatt, asking followers to guess whose it was, the ink got substantial buzz. The truth is, though, this isn't the first time that Gomes has gotten inked up.

An extensive array of art
In a recent interview with, Gomes revealed some interesting facts about his growing ink collection. While making an appearance at the MLB Fan Cave, he gave people their own tatts of the Red Sox logo – but these were just temporary designs. He joked that he probably put a portion of the tatts on wrong – and while he may not be attempting to become an ink artist any time soon, he did admit that he plans to get more body art himself. So far, he sports a number of designs, including his wife and children's names on his arms, the words "Tough times go away, tough people don't," and "In the Arena," which is an excerpt from a famous Teddy Roosevelt quote.

Profound significance
One of Gomes' most detailed and profound pieces is on his lower right leg – a design that's dedicated to men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces. The tribute tatt incorporates historically relevant images like the Statue of Liberty, a World War II aircraft, military dog tags and, of course, a bald eagle. Also included in the enormous piece is an army helmet and the Golden Gate Bridge. Gomes even got ink commemorating Former NFL player Pat Tillman, who lost his life in Afghanistan after enlisting in the Army. This part of the tattoo has special significance to Gomes, as he revealed that he had the option to join the armed forces back in 2001, and ultimately chose to join the Devil Rays instead. So while he may have gone down a different path, he wanted to get inked to honor "the real heroes we have in this country and overseas." One thing's for sure: The baseball player doesn't seem to have any tattoo regret.

"All of my tattoos have meaning," Gomes told the source. "I haven't slipped up yet and gotten that unicorn or butterfly on my foot that has some crazy meaning like 'eternal happiness' or something. They all have meaning or represent one of my passions or pay tribute to someone or something. I just found myself documenting my life, kind of by accident with my first couple of tattoos, and I just went from there."

So when does he plan on going back under the needle? Gomes admitted he's not certain – but something pretty awesome will have to happen to inspire him.