Celebrity tattoos can have a variety of different background stories. Some stars may opt to get a design simply because it's attractive to them, while others might to do so in an attempt to change their image or express a certain belief. Then there are celebs that have an entirely different motive behind their body art: publicity.

The latest example is Jeremy Piven, best known as Ari Gold on HBO's "Entourage," who recently tweeted a photo of himself with an enormous back tatt that reads "Mr. Selfridge." Under the photo read the caption "No turning back now…" So what's the significance behind the piece? It's the name of his PBS drama, and the tattoo couldn't be more well timed. The second season of his show is coming up, so it makes sense that he would opt to generate some interest through ink.

There's even more intrigue to the story. In an episode of "Behind the Tweet," Piven told The Today Show he didn't get inked by just anyone – Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is the artist behind the new back piece. Foxx even re-tweeted the picture that Piven posted. Then he went on to joke that the reason he decided to get the show's name emblazoned on his skin is because PBS had an extremely low budget for promoting the show. 

"They get $11 to advertise their entire slate of shows … so what I had to do was, the only space we could afford was my back," Piven said, deadpan, to the news outlet.

Fans were left wondering whether the star actually took the plunge on a permanent tatt of the show's title. While it may seem like an effective publicity stunt, it could definitely cause some tattoo regret for Piven down the road when the series is over. However, The Today Show reported that he won't have to consider tattoo removal methods if he has second thoughts about the piece, as it's only a temporary design.