As it turns out, not even celebrities are immune to the painful sting of tattoo regret. Despite the best of intentions, our celebs more often than not find themselves in positions where their life circumstances change drastically, leaving them with awkward tattoos to explain away to a critical public.

While celebrity caprice is famously fickle, sometimes stars are left with outdated and awkward reminders of various life events years after they've gone under the needle. Such is the situation that Adrienne Bailon has found herself in recently. Fortunately, tattoo removal technology has advanced to keep up with the seemingly ever-changing whims of the A-list.

The butt of a joke
Adrienne Bailon made a name for herself as an actress in the Disney Channel movie "Cheetah Girls," but her more recent claim to fame has less to do with girl power than straight star power. Bailon reinserted her name into the Hollywood headlines by choosing to go the "by association" route. By briefly marrying Kim Kardashian's brother Rob, she managed to snag the title of honorary Hollywood royalty, and commemorated the occasion like a proper A-lister – by tattooing the name of her boo onto her bum.

They say that love springs eternal, but it would seem that this memo fell well short of the mailboxes of many of the rich and famous – the Bailon/Kardashian power couple de-coupled in 2009, and the actress has been carrying around baggage from her failed relationship ever since.

PicoSure to the rescue
If you think that five years is a long time to bear the brand of a now-defunct romance, you aren't the only one – in fact, Bailon has previously attempted to strike Rob's name from the record, as it were, but unfortunately has been unsuccessful.

That is, of course, before the advent of the PicoSure picosecond laser.

In perhaps a watershed moment for celebrity tattoo removal, Bailon made an appointment with a laser tattoo removal doctor in New York – and the plan was to have the procedure performed on camera. New York's Dr. Jeremy Brauer made arrangements with the star to zap the evidence over the course of a series of five treatments, the first of which was recorded and broadcast for the world to see.

In interviews, Bailon communicated her excitement to undergo the procedure, citing that it was long overdue and that she's looking forward to putting the failed relationship – and the two failed previous tattoo removal procedures – behind her, well, behind.

You may be wondering why she exhibits such optimism with a track record of multiple removal attempts in her history. As the New York Daily Mail reported, the PicoSure laser tattoo removal treatment is unique in that it can offer successful tattoo removal to individuals even if they've had previous failed removals. It's the first laser to use picosecond technology, making for more complete removal in fewer treatments, and with minimal risk of scarring or other common tattoo removal-related damage.

"I am excited, anxious … excited more than anything. I think I waited for a really long time. Long enough to have this officially gone," the star told Extra, lying on her stomach in a medical gown confident in the fact that she can finally zap this blast from the past into the past, permanently.

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