We often like to think of celebrities as living on a whole other planet, removed from the ins and outs of normal daily life experienced by us regular humans. We see evidence of this in many public and sensationalist antics that so many of our stars seem drawn to, from seemingly off-the-cuff marriages to out-of-this-world purchases that could only come to being as the fruit of celebrity impulse.

Our celebrities have always indulged in the practice of tattooing, as stars of stage, screen and stadium alike frequently adorn their bodies with ink for a variety of reasons. Receiving a tattoo as a means of memorializing or marking a significant event is a common enough practice even among us mortals, but our celebrities seem keen to embrace the permanent process for seemingly more and more trivial or questionable occurrences. While many of us prefer to put significant thought into what we permanently ink onto our bodies and why, some of our culture's more outrageous stars appear to have a much more casual relationship with the process.

Stars of stage
Even among the pantheon of popular celebrities, musicians tend to occupy a particular spot among the ranks of sensationalist stars – no doubt a holdover of the devil-may-care attitude that sprung up during the era of rock​ 'n' roll. Few of today's stars are taking the attitude to heart more than Miley Cyrus. The famous singer recently took a turn in the tattoo chair to etch a cartoonishly-drawn image of her dearly departed pooch Floyd onto her ribcage, a design complete with childlike misspelling for good measure.

Certainly marking the passing of a beloved pet is an occasion many of us could justify going under the needle for, Cyrus' choice of seemingly hastily scrawled design – not to mention the fact that two of her friends received the exact same tattoo in the same place – may strike onlookers as something of an odd decision.

Stars of screen
The craze of reality TV has done much to redefine our expectations when it comes to television celebs, and many of such shows are adept at keeping themselves in the public eye both on and off camera. It was recently reported by Hollywood Life that Jenelle Evans, star of the MTV reality shows "16 And Pregnant" and "Teen Mom 2," has announced plans to get inked in commemoration of her newborn son, Kaiser. The issue giving many curious onlookers pause is the fact that Evans is making plans to go under the needle a mere week after the birth of her son. In fact, many tattoo parlors will actually refuse to tattoo nursing mothers due to elevated risk of infection for mother and baby alike.

Of course, Evans is far from the first high-profile actress or actor to make headlines and turn heads with tattoo choices. From Pamela Anderson's infamous barbed wire armband tattoo to Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp's equally infamous "Winona Forever" tattoo – meant to immortalize his relationship with actress Winona Ryder – generated as many headlines as the artists' actual acting work. Particularly telling is that in many cases, celebrity tattooing turns to celebrity tattoo removal down the road.

Stars of stadium
Athletes also love adorning themselves with ink. One recent headline-grabbing example is NBA star Colin Kaepernick, who endured a 27-hour tattoo marathon to ink his torso in commemoration of his new contract extension. The extensive piece features religious imagery surrounded by text reading "money is the root of all evil" – presumably so he doesn't get confused when he cashes his seven-figure basketball paychecks.

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