Our celebrities do more for us than merely provide entertainment – they're widely regarded as tastemakers and trendsetters, disseminating dress code decrees and pontificating to the world on what's hot and what's not. Of course, just because we tend to look to our celebs for our style cues doesn't mean that we should. If anyone has ever needed convincing on this point, they need look no further than some of the cringe-worthy tattoos some stars sport on their skin. The next time your jealousy flares up, just remember that some of the biggest celebrities have committed some of the most heinous tattoo atrocities. 

Mike Tyson
This beefy boxer is no stranger to controversy, carving out his spot in the public eye as much for his antics out of the ring as his prowess inside it. One such example that is relatively benign but certainly bizarre is his now-iconic facial tattoo. The tribal design, created by artist S. Victor Whitmill, frames the fighter's left eye and has since become absorbed into part of his very identity. While perhaps an odd choice for both design and location, Tyson and Whitmill are very protective of the ink. In fact, Whitmill went so far as to file an injunction against Warner Bros. surrounding the release of their film "The Hangover: Part II," a movie which featured an unauthorized reproduction of the infamous ink. 

Johnny Depp
No list of celebrity tattoo cautionary tales would be complete without the inclusion of noted character actor Johnny Depp. The Hollywood heartthrob took a seat in the tattoo chair to immortalize his relationship with then-girlfriend, actress Winona Ryder, with a tattoo reading "Winona Forever." Once the pair split and tattoo regret inevitably sank in, Depp slyly had his tattoo modified to read "Wino Forever," because he likes to keep it classy.

Born Stephen Gilchrist Glover, the daredevil better known to the world as Steve-O has literally built his entire career around doing stupid things. As the star of TVs shockfest "Jackass," he routinely puts himself in harm's way. Of course, determined to not let television monopolize all of his stupid decisions, Mr. -O upped his own ante by tattooing his entire back with a large-size portrait of his own smiling face adorned with the words "Yeah dude I rock." At least what he lacks in taste he makes up for in self-confidence. 

Justin Bieber
The teen music sensation everyone loves to hate has given the adult world another reason to turn their noses up at him – his horrible tattoos. The 20-year-old Canadian golden boy has adorned both his arms with full sleeve tattoos, including a piece that includes a cartoonish boom box, a Korean cultural mask and words that read simply "I love you Korea." Yes, really.

Every celebrity marriage ever
Love among the famous is a candle that burns brightly but snuffs out quickly. Unfortunately for many foresight-impaired celebrities, many of them are a bit too quick to go under the needle to profess their love and undying devotion to their partner du jour. From Melanie Griffith to Beyoncé Knowles to Angelina Jolie, the vast majority of Hollywood royalty bears the painful reminder of failed star-fueled romance. One silver lining in this cloud is that this impulsiveness has single-handedly driven the celebrity tattoo removal industry.

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