Anyone is susceptible to tattoo regret – even celebrities. Stop blaming yourself for a silly spring break or love-induced decision because, guess what?  It happens. 

Here are a handful of celebrities who've undergone laser tattoo removal. 

50 Cent
As The Huffington Post reported, rapper 50 Cent decided to undo his permanent ink choice a few years back because he wanted to be an actor.

"It cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up," 50 Cent said about his decision, as quoted by the source. 

People magazine reported that his then-upcoming roles in "Twelve" and "Things Fall Apart" spurred the ultimate choice to rid himself of some of his arm tatts. Still, he has no plans of removing his giant back piece. 

Pharrell Williams
As stated by the Sydney Herald Post, singer Pharrell was in the process of laser tattoo removal for a few years. He was ridding himself of his sleeve tattoos

Adrienne Bailon 
The former Cheetah Girl decided to get some quick pre-prenuptial laser tattoo removal. Before walking down the aisle, she wanted to erase reality TV star Rob Kardashian's name from her behind. The two got his and hers tattoos when they were an item. There haven't been any announcements of Kardashian removing his anytime soon. 

Johnny Depp
The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star had a tattoo of an ex-lover removed – sort of. As People magazine pointed out, Depp had two letters of his former girl Winona Ryder's name inked on his arm. After dissolving the small portion of the tattoo, he revisited the tattoo parlor to make light of the situation. To this day, Depp's arm says "Wino Forever." 

Johnny Depp's arm now reads Johnny Depp's arm now reads "Wino Forever," which stems from a lovelorn tattoo tale.

Kat Von D
Even the queen of ink, Kat Von D, has made a regrettable tattoo decision. As People explained, she got a design of her ex's boyhood picture on her ribcage. She had fully intended to hold onto it. However, once the on-again, off-again duo called it quits for the last time, she had it removed. 

Angelina Jolie 
Following her divorce, Jolie wiped her arm clean of a tattoo that was tied to her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton. In a photo featured on, Jolie sported a dragon tatt with the name "Billy Bob" just above it. Some years later, she replaced the image 

Don't make the same mistakes that your favorite celebrities have made. Think twice before you commit to a tattoo and think about these particular scenarios when you're faced with a difficult decision. If you're on the fence, it's probably best to skip the tattoo. 

However, if you did get a tattoo that you now hate, there's always laser tattoo removal. Erase your past with this procedure that can rid you of permanent ink. You don't have to be rich and famous to afford it either. It's accessible for people in all professions. 

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