Ben Affleck isn't wearing his wedding ring anymore, but he's sporting something as seemingly permanent: A lower back tattoo. Multiple reports confirm that Affleck stepped out for the first time since announcing his divorce to actress Jennifer Garner and was seen rocking some strange ink just above his behind. 

Not his first lower back tatt? 
Although it's unknown precisely when Affleck got this new lower-back adornment, some speculate that his new tattoo is an indication that things aren't going so well for Affleck following his split from his wife of 10 years, whom he met on the set of "Daredevil" in 2003. According to ET Online, this isn't his first tattoo.

"These days, ink can be absolved as fast as a marriage."

The source explained that Affleck once tattooed a dolphin, which allegedly was to cover up the name of his high school sweetheart. Conflicting reports state that the dolphin ink is on his hip or back. Both, however, prove that Affleck regrets the decision. 

"I was young. It was fun and cool," he said, as quoted by ET Online. "I'm sorry now, but it is a good lesson in decisions that have important and long repercussions."

Lesson learned? 
Or maybe he didn't learn a lesson. A photo featured on ET Online shows just a hint of his ink, and it could easily be a cover-up as well. It's hard to decipher what it is and why now. One thing is for sure though: these days, ink can be absolved as fast as a marriage. 

Affleck has a dolphin on his lower back. Affleck has a dolphin on tattoo as well.

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