When it comes to celebrity tattoos, singer Adam Levine is no stranger. Even before his Maroon 5 days Levine has had extensive body art, and the Daily Mail reported that the pop rock star has added three "new friends" to his collection.

Levine's latest tattoos sprawl right across his open chest and stomach, and he took to his Instagram to unveil his newest ink. 

"New friends"
The 36 year old Levine has some very famous tattoos, due to some high profile photo-shoots and his tendency to take his shirt off. In fact, when Levine hosted Saturday Night Live, he mocked his own frequent shirtlessness, according to Entertainment Wise.  

Because of this, fans are already familiar with his existing array of tattoos across his chest and torso. Levine sports several pieces of body art on his upper-body, with a large sprawling eagle being the most eye-popping.

Now Levine's eagle has three "new friends." The first is a simple drawing of a hand holding a rose with the words "true love" written within the tattoo. Underneath that is the word "California" across his abdomen, and right above his waistline is a lion or big cat.

Even without his latest tattoos, Levine has some serious ink.Even without his latest tattoos, Levine has some serious ink.

In November of 2015 Levine unveiled his largest tattoo, the Daily Mail reported. The image is of a mermaid holding a skull, which covers the bottom two-thirds of the singer's back.

Levine may now be running out of space on his body, at least for any large tattoos. His back and upper body are considerably crowded, and his arms seem to be running out of space. Pending any tattoo regret, the singer may be hitting his limit for where he can place new ink.

Tattoo Fan
Levine has been getting tattoos for years, and not only could he possibly be running out of space on his body, but he may be running out of ideas.

According to the Daily Mail, Levine's new big cat ink joins a number of a number of animal tattoos, including other felines. Along with his eagle and a shark along his lower back, Levine has a tiger on his right arm.

Boom's Beat reported that the singer also has a tattoo paw print on his back with the words "Frankie Girl," in honor of his late golden retriever. Along with the ink, Levine used Instagram to express his love for Frankie Girl.

In the post, Levine said, "got to spend my last birthday by the pool with our darling Frankie girl. The bros have lost a major member of the clan today. I will always remember her smiling. That's the way it should be!!!"

"Levine has sentimental pieces of body art."

Along with a tribute to his beloved dog, Levine has sentimental pieces of body art elsewhere. The number 222 is tattooed on Levine's forearm, as well as the word "Mom." Boom Beat reported that 222 represents the address of the first recording studio his band Maroon 5 recorded in, and the other tattoo is simply because he loves his mother. Levine also has a roman numeral X for the tenth anniversary of Maroon 5.

It seems Levine is a fan of both tattoos and Instagram. On his personal account, he unveiled his giant mermaid piece by piece, and has several other posts featuring both his tattoos and others' body art.

The singer also uses the social media site to promote tattoo culture, including bad tattoos. Levine recently shared an image of a young man with an unfortunate piece of body art. 

The tattoo says "Ledgends Live On", which very likely prompted some tattoo regret from the unlucky recipient. To make matters worse, Levine's caption really salted the young man's wound. Levine said of the misspelled body art, "…maybe not quite how he had imadgined."