No Downtime Issue 4

Yahoo Beauty: Lasers vs. Peels You ask, Yahoo Beauty answers: for removing dark spots and hyperpigmentation, lasers are the best option! We've Updated Our Website! We’ve taken the revitalization to our website! Check out our new look.   Stop Covering Up  Thanks to PicoSure, acne scars can take the backseat…Read more

Acne Scars Don’t Have to Be a Lifelong Curse

There are many things we outgrow when we become adults. Unfortunately, acne scarring isn’t always one of them. A number of factors can cause acne, and treating these inflamed bumps can be tricky. But the prolonged inflammation can also cause dark spots and scarring — painful reminders of an already frustrating situation. According to Dr. Emil Tanghetti of

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Stop Covering Up

When it comes to being self-conscious, all of us have our moments. Usually, these instances of insecurity happen once in awhile – a bad hair day or having to settle for your “big pants” can make anyone temporarily feel a bit down. For sufferers of acne scars, insecurities can cause

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No Downtime Issue 3

Yahoo - Tattoo Regret (Or Sun Remorse)? Meet PicoSure! When it comes to the basics of PicoSure, Yahoo has you covered. Find out how it works, who it’s for, how long it lasts, and more! What Comes After Breast Cancer and How PicoSure Can Help PicoSure is among the most…Read more

No Downtime Issue 2

As Seen On! The most fashionable choice for removing scars? Vogue Magazine is picking PicoSure – and we agree! Protecting Your Skin from Life’s Wear and Tear Life has a way of beating us all up sometimes. Whether it’s a tough day on the job, endless traffic, or just…Read more

Goodbye to Radiation Tattoos

Undergoing breast cancer treatment is often a long, difficult journey, and for many, it’s one they want to leave in the past. Radiation tattoos — which help ensure precision and safety during treatment— represent survival, strength, and resilience, but they can also be a painful reminder of cancer. So while

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