Undergoing breast cancer treatment is often a long, difficult journey, and for many, it’s one they want to leave in the past. Radiation tattoos — which help ensure precision and safety during treatment— represent survival, strength, and resilience, but they can also be a painful reminder of cancer.

So while many women keep them as a badge of honor, other survivors are choosing to remove their radiation tattoos. In the past, tattoo removal was painful and took as many as 20 treatments, but with PicoSure, the removal process is easier than ever.

PicoSure’s tattoo removal technology uses short laser pulses to shatter ink dots into tiny particles that the body easily absorbs and eliminates. PicoSure laser wavelengths are directed at the full color spectrum and are more effective on blue and black inks than conventional removal methods. The best part? PicoSure laser treatment treats radiation tattoos in less than a minute. It’s painless and causes fewer side effects than conventional lasers.

Ultimately, the decision to remove her tattoo rests on a woman’s medical outcomes, self-image, and emotional well-being. For breast cancer survivors, treatment with PicoSure is an easy step that can help women on their road to recovery.
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