Life has a way of beating us all up sometimes. Whether it’s a tough day on the job, endless traffic, or just the constant pulse of life… It’s safe to say that it isn’t always easy. Despite the ways in which life wears on us, our skin is one thing we can keep from taking a beating. Here’s how.

  1. When it comes to products, the more gentle the better. You may think that micro beads are truly scrubbing out the dirt and grime from a busy day, but in reality mild cleansers are the best option. When it comes to towel drying after a morning and night face wash, be sure to pat dry, rather than rubbing.[1]
  2. You see your skin more than anyone else. You know when it’s going to break out, what irritates it, and how your pores look up close in the mirror. If something seems odd to you, get it checked out! Always treat cuts, inflamed and irritated skin, and rashes with attention, especially if they can leave scars behind.1
  3. Take a day off from makeup to let your pores breathe.2 Clogged pores and acne can lead to trouble down the road, especially if you tend to pick at your skin when it’s acting up. If you can’t imagine going bare-faced during the day, be sure to wash your face at night, both to preserve your face and your pillowcases.
  4. Everyone will say it again and again – wear sunscreen.[2] The best way to be prepared for unexpected sun exposure is with a daily moisturizer that already has your SPF tucked inside. Products that multi-task are around to make life easier.

Speaking of products that multi-task, there’s always PicoSure. It can help with hyperpigmentation, sun spots, acne scars, blemishes, and even regrettable tattoos. If you’ve let your skin bear the burden of tough days, the PicoSure laser is an option for rejuvenation and a more youthful glow.

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