Yahoo – Tattoo Regret (Or Sun Remorse)? Meet PicoSure!

When it comes to the basics of PicoSure, Yahoo has you covered. Find out how it works, who it’s for, how long it lasts, and more!



What Comes After Breast Cancer and How PicoSure Can Help

PicoSure is among the most practical ways to deal with some of the immediate physical ramifications of breast cancer treatment.



Your At-Home Guide To A Breast Self-Exam 

In the battle against breast cancer, proactive care is a key weapon While only a mammogram can detect tumors before they can be felt, 40 percent of breast cancer diagnoses begin with women feeling a lump. Monthly self-exams keep you familiar with your breasts so you can identify changes more easily.



Goodbye To Radiation Tattoos: Your Post-Cancer Journey Starts Here 

Undergoing breast cancer treatment is often a long, difficult journey, and for many, it’s one they want to leave behind. In the past, radiation tattoo removal was painful and took as many as 20 treatments, but with PicoSure, the removal process is easier than ever.