Tattoos are giving millennials something that they're dying to have – an identity. Unlike their parents, most twenty-somethings experience change at such a rapid pace that it can be tough to cling to the fragmented pieces of wilted relationships, old jobs and the concept of religion. All of these things help define a person. 

"We're living in this world that's so fragmented and so chaotic," Anne Velliquette, a professor at the University of Arkansas who studies the relationship between consumer behavior and popular culture, told The Atlantic.

Velliquette explained to the source that tattoos are a way for people to recreate their identities. She and colleagues conducted an interview-based study and found that people use permanent ink as a way to solidify their sense of self.

During the first round of interviews, the team learned that people really knew who they were. However, eight years later, in a subsequent study, researchers noticed that people were using tattoos to tell the story of their past and present selves and that many relied on the form of body art for an identity.

Many millennials agree that their relationships are nothing like their parents.Many millennials agree that their relationships are nothing like their parents.

How millennials struggle with identity
Unlike the olden days, people today don't stick to one job for life.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker holds down a job for about 4.4 years on average, and it's even lower for millennials. Someone fresh out of college might work a part-time job to pay the bills while working an unpaid internship as a stepping stone to a dream job. 

"Millennials approach relationships and marriage differently than their parents did."

Moreover, millennials approach relationships and marriage differently than their parents did. A few decades ago, many people married their high school sweetheart, had a family and called it a day. Today, a study reported by Time magazine shows how greatly those ideals have shifted.

According to the study, nearly 43 percent of millennials said that they'd support a marriage that had a two-year trial period after which the vows could fortify or dissolve. About 40 percent stated that "til death do us part" should be abolished. Other interesting and cringe-worthy findings include: people use the Internet to cheat on their partners, uncoupling is a buzzword and many agree that their relationships are nothing like what their parents have or had.

It's no wonder why an increasing amount of young people are using non-traditional ways to sculpt an identity. Getting a tattoo can help millennials more confidently define themselves, and they don't even have to stress over tattoo regret because laser tattoo removal is available.

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