Getting a tattoo is a life-changing event. From the moment you sit back in that chair, wincing while waiting for the highly-anticipated needle to hit your skin, to when you exit the shop sporting a new permanent fixture on your body, things will never be the same. It's not necessarily better or worse, just different. 

Here are four things that happen when you get a new tattoo.

1. You get bombarded with questions
If your ink is in a visible place like your forearm, then start preparing an elevator pitch now because people will inevitably ask questions, even if they don't know you very well. What's it mean? Where'd you get it done? Did it hurt? Do you have any others? In some cases, you'll make new friends as a result of the tattoo, in other cases, people may view you in a different light. It's all in the delivery of the question really – is someone insinuating or asking? Once you've figured that out, you can disseminate your tattoo info as you please. 

People will stare at your tattoos. People will stare at your tattoos.

2. People stare at it
You know how people's eyes draw to the corner of your mouth when there's a driblet of food on it? That pretty much sums up how people check out your ink. They'll sneak a peak peripherally, glance gradually or full on stare to get a closer look of your tattoo. Get used to it. 

3. You feel like a total BA
There's something about enduring hours of physical pain that makes you feel like you're on top of the world – some say it's adrenaline. Call it what you will, but after getting a tatt, especially your very first one, you'll feel like you can all of sudden take on anything. 

"People will inevitably ask questions, even if they don't know you very well."

According to Psychology Today, all tattoos affect self-esteem. They're strategically placed on the body to enhance it or to make up for a lack of whatever's missing. A symbolic tattoo serves as a reminder to stay young and forget the stresses of mortality. It's a source of comfort for your darkest fears, which is why you feel like a total rock star once you've made the commitment to wear it forever. 

4. You experience strong emotions about it
Prior to your tattoo, you might have thought that you'll either like it, love it and want some more of it, or wish you could immediately slough off a layer of skin for a refund. Truth of the matter is, emotions often overlap. One day you might ebulliently strut your new epidermis adornment around town, and the next you'll wear a long-sleeve shirt just so no one gawks at your bicep.

If you get more pleasure than pain from your permanent body art, then it's meant to be. However, if you lose sleep over it, you may be experiencing tattoo regret. CNN reported that tattoo regret strikes at different times. It can happen years down the road for some people when they're seeking new employment or starting a new family. Others feel it immediately. Don't worry. Today, laser tattoo removal undoes unwanted decisions. 

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