Skin revitalization is the perfect way to welcome warmer days. The procedure can make your skin supple and radiant, and erase sun damage just in time for bikini season – but you already knew that. Of course, you'll want to maintain your new look, which means a little extra tender love and care.

Here are four skin care pointers perfect for post-revitalization. 

1. Treat yourself
Whether it's a new hydrating foundation or a fancy skin cream, you owe it to yourself to keep your skin hydrated following the procedure. According to The Huffington Post, you should moisturize depending on your skin type. If you typically combat an oily complexion, you want to gear your purchases toward that goal specifically. Otherwise, you'll spend loads of money without seeing any results. 

2. Drink plenty of water
Beauticians have been going back and forth, figuring out whether water hydrates the skin, and the answer all depends on who you ask. The Mayo Clinic confirmed that there is a connection between the epidermis – the outer layer of skin – and water. If this part of your body doesn't get enough water, it might loose its elasticity. Err on the side of caution by drinking plenty of water. 

Drink plenty of water to maintain elasticity in your skin. Drink plenty of water to maintain elasticity in your skin.

3. Buy face wash
Many men and women make the mistake of washing their faces with hand soap or some other product that's not meant for that purpose. 

"It's best to invest in a proper face wash."

While this works if you're in a pinch and don't have your toiletries on hand, it's best to invest in a proper face wash, according to the Mayo clinic. Do your lovely face a service by avoiding harsh soaps. 

4. Schedule a follow-up appointment
If you'd like to continue treatments to tackle other fine lines and wrinkles, remember to schedule an appointment. It'll be one less thing to worry about.

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