Over a decade ago, a Harris Poll confirmed that more than one-third of Americans with tattoos say that they make them feel more sexy. It's safe to say that since then, people have only grown to love tattoos more, placing them on hips, waistlines, biceps and other flattering places. If you're excited about the way a new tattoo will compliment your body and personality, here are four tips to ensure your expectations align with your reality. 

1. Take a look in the mirror
Many tattoo artists will tell you that there are go-to spots for ink that will compliment just about any figure. However, you owe it to yourself to find optimal placement for your new design. After all, you have to live with it.

Take a look in the mirror to figure out what your best assets are. Take a look in the mirror to figure out what your best assets are.

As demonstrated in Inked Magazine, if you're set on getting tiny birds, you might find that the base of your neck to the back of your ear is a great spot for them. A single quote works well hugging a slender rib cage, and a vivid image looks epic on a well-defined calf. 

2. Face the music
When picking the placement for a tattoo, honesty is the best policy. There's no room for inflated egos or unrealistic tattoo ideas. If you saw a picture of your favorite celebrity, keep in mind that he or she might have a personal trainer and plastic surgeon to keep that tattooed area looking so fresh.

3. Try it on for size
You can try on a tattoo like you would a new pair of sneakers. Before you head to the shop, have a friend draw a design on you and wear it around for a week. If you're sick of it already, you probably shouldn't get a tattoo in that spot.

"You can try on a tattoo like you would a new pair of sneakers."

Once you've narrowed down your scope to one or two body parts, make an appointment with an artist. He or she can sketch the tattoo and print a copy of it so that you can try it on for size before you commit. Don't feel pressured into making a decision on the spot. It's your body. 

4. Commit already
Once you've checked yourself out enough to know that you have killer abs or nice thighs and you've already had a consultation with an artist, it's time to commit. You'll be happy with your new ink knowing that you spent some time making the decision. If you hate it in years to come, there's always laser tattoo removal. 

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