Typically New Year's resolutions revolve around moving on, improving oneself and overall leading a healthier, happy life. Historically, you haven't been able to schlep off every piece of the past year, particularly if it's still tattooed on your body. However, this year you can. Why not add laser tattoo removal to your resolutions to start anew? Here are four tattoos that have got to go in 2015.

1. Your ex's name
It's over, you're over him – or maybe not. Either way, if you're planning on leaving old flames in your past, consider removing your ink as well. Whether it's a name, anniversary date or other symbol of your old love, it can be painful to endure the daily reminder that you're no longer together. Take your body back. You might be surprised at just how therapeutic this is for you.

2. The spring break mess up
If you attended college, or still do, you might fall into the category of people who've gotten inked after a few drinks on spring break. It's a funny story, no doubt, but you're a grown woman or man now. You might be ashamed of that silly word or picture because it no longer represents your group of friends, lifestyle choices or behavior. Give it the ax.

3. Old school logos
Maybe you had some serious pride about your sports team in college, so much so that you put it on your body. But you're not the starting running back anymore, you're a dad, and that dolphin on your arm looks more like an irregular mole. There's nothing wrong with being proud of your alma mater, but if an old school emblem makes you feel like you're stuck in the past, it's time to move on. 

4. The losing bet
Why some people do this is beyond explanation, but it happens. From time to time someone in the group wagers his or her own skin in a bet. You may have seen this person before – he or she might have a smiley face, curse words or some otherwise permanent mark that is the result of a losing bet. Well that poker game was years ago – how can you explain to your colleagues at work that your tattoo is the butt of a joke? If it's haunting you, consider removing it altogether. 

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