Most people you'd ask would agree that tattooing is a fairly extreme procedure. After all, anything that involves a needle depositing ink under the skin to leave a permanent design is certainly not for the faint of heart. But even within the world of tattooing, there are those who take things to an even more shocking level.

As with most subcultures, it's not surprising that there are those who have risen through the ranks to set themselves apart as even more extreme and dedicated than most. Take a look at what some celebrities and other adventurous individuals have been exploring within the world of tattooing. 

Some more squeamish individuals may have a difficult time warming up to tattoos because they don't like the idea of needles. If the idea of a needle injecting ink under your skin turns your stomach, wait until you hear about which other body part some have begun tattooing. The U.K. publication Metro reported on one musician who gave new meaning to the term "eyesore," but tattooing his eyes almost completely black. 

The publication reported that 20-year-old dancehall musician Mace recently underwent the procedure to give his image a boost within the music industry. The effect of achieving completely black eyes has previously been accomplished through colored contact lenses, but Mace isn't the first or only person to turn to tattooing for the same purpose. Aside from the obvious social implications of tattooing your eyes black, it should go without saying that the procedure is incredibly dangerous. In fact, the source even recommended that it only be performed by a doctor – otherwise, you may have more than tattoo regret to worry about.

With tattooing's ever-growing acceptance in modern popular culture, there are some who have gone to even greater lengths than usual to try and ensure the public perception of the art form gets an about-face. Facial tattooing is far from new – it's been performed by the Maori and other Polynesian tribes for centuries, and is still practiced today in some remote tribal parts of the world. However, here in the West, we still have a ways to go before facial tatts find a home. 

However, once considered the province of criminals and other fringe elements of society, face tattoos are becoming if not common, at least less obscure. With certain popular celebrities such as famous tattoo artist Kat von D serving as visible advocates of facial tattoos, it's likely the trend will continue to gain popularity, though it's doubtful this aesthetic choice will pop up in office buildings any time soon. 

It's one thing to get a tattoo on your arm, back or chest, but covering your whole body in ink represents a whole other level of dedication. Taking the concept of "the illustrated human" to the nth degree, a quick perusal of online blogs and Pinterest boards can reveal those who have their arms, legs and even entire torsos covered in tattoos. 

It may seem extreme today, but full-body tattooing used to be a common practice in Japan. Administered through a process known as Irezumi, in which artists drew elaborate scenes by hand, it wasn't uncommon to find a man or woman more or less covered in ink. 

If you think people with their whole bodies covered in ink run out of places to get tattooed, think again. A recent trend on the fringe of the industry sees some people saying "aaah" at the tattoo shop. As the U.S. grows to stomach tattooing more and more, it also seems to be gaining a taste for tattoos on tongues, and even the inside of lower lips.

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