Perhaps the only thing worse than standing out is blending in. It pretty much defeats the purpose of any meaningful tattoo if everyone else has the same design. At just about every turn you're bombarded with similar, sometimes meaningless designs that may cause tattoo regret down the road.

The ever-popular arrow
For starters, how many arrows have you seen? The inked images are popping up everywhere, from women's rib cages to wrists to hips. According to Steal Her Style, even Miley Cyrus has a pair of crossed arrows just above her elbow. You practically see an arrow accompanying a backless shirt at just about every local dive bar. People may be going bonkers for this particular symbol because it's simple and delicate – two factors that typically play into a person's first tattoo experience.

Additionally, people probably like what it stands for. As explained on, an arrow can be a symbol of courage or protection. For many it may mean never looking back. As you pull the bow back it's meant to represent life's challenges, however, once it's released a person is propelled into new and exciting opportunities.

A finger 'stache
In addition to its arrow fixation, America has seemingly grown fonder of facial hair. So much so, that miniature mustaches are appearing on index and middle fingers of people of all ages. Perusing the hashtag #mustachetattoo can produce a stream of photos of people's finger mustaches. 

It is certainly an entertaining feature to have for photos, but with so many people getting these tattoos, it may become less exciting and more common. A number of companies have caught on to this trend – which is an indication of how mainstream it has become – and created a line of mustache stickers for your finger. Maybe try this removable option on for size before you decide to grow a finger 'stache. 

Butterflies, hearts and other mini images
Look at the wrists of guys and girls alike and more often than you may expect, you'll come across a range of small tattoos. Anything from hearts, peace signs and butterflies that may pretty much say that this particular person got a tattoo on a whim. 

Quick ideas like these are typically a sign that the person might not have thought things through prior to the procedure. Even those who have, who wants the same heart that every girl has?

If your ink suddenly got mainstream and you're over it, consider laser tattoo removal. It's better than tattoo regret. 

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