There are countless reasons why someone might choose to get a tattoo – and furthermore, there are many reasons why they may want to later remove it. Whether the inking was planned out or not, the fact is that sometimes people change their minds about a particular design. In those cases of tattoo regret, it's often worth the time and money required to diminish the design altogether. Laser tattoo removal offers a fresh start and a disassociation from the past that can be refreshing when one is undergoing a major life transition.

So what are the main reasons for making a tatt vanish?

  1. Maturity – It's common for adolescents and teens to make impulsive decisions – and that goes for inking, too. So it's no surprise that sometimes tattoo regret comes with age as a person's capacity for reasoning develops. Sometimes a tatt is a way for a young person to declare their independence and express their identity. Later, though, they might realize that body art doesn't fit in with their style now that they've grown up, or alternatively, they could find that their design doesn't hold meaning for them anymore.
  2. A break up – One of the most common celebrity tattoos is of a significant other's name. Star or not, after splitting from a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, these kinds of tatts serve as a painful reminder, driving many people to opt for removal so they can move on.
  3. Marriage – A woman who either feels lukewarm about her tattoo or entirely dislikes it is likely to want to get rid of it after an engagement. That way, her wedding day can prove to be a truly fresh start with a new spouse and unmarked skin.
  4. Lost interests – It's not uncommon for people to get a tatt that symbolizes their interests, whether it's a favorite band, sports team or culture. When those interests change, it makes sense to get rid of the ink that's no longer relevant.
  5. New job – Depending on the industry, there are differing attitudes toward body art, but in some career paths ink can hinder one's professional image. Additionally, if someone is looking to go into the military or police force, there are certain restrictions they must abide by in regard to tatts. In these cases, tattoo removal is a viable solution for improving one's chances of getting hired, particularly if the design is on a hand, wrist, neck or otherwise highly visible place.
  6. Parenting – Adults who want to be good role models to their kids might worry that ink sends the wrong message because it encourages them to get their own ink. In fact, Mark Wahlberg has cited this as his main reason for getting multiple tatts removed.
  7. Poor quality – A bad tatt is definitely a good reason to seek out laser removal. Plus, by getting rid of a design that's not up to par, a person can make room for designs they actually like.
  8. Religion – As some religions prohibit tattoos, those who are changing their faith, whether for personal reasons or because of marriage, may need to eliminate their ink.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013