Trends in the tattoo realm are always changing, with people continually looking for new designs and locations for their body art. In recent years, those looking to stand out from the crowd have been opting to get ink in usual spots, such as the ear. The latest fad – inner lip tatts – is only for the bold, but does have certain advantages. For example, you may not have to consider tattoo removal methods if you change your mind because they don’t last as long. So what exactly does this trend entail?

Going viral
According to The Daily Mail, this craze has been spreading like wildfire. As more people go under the needle to get the inside of their lips inked, they have been rapidly rushing to social media sites to show off their unusual etchings. Because these photos are available to the public on Twitter, Instagram and other photo sharing sites, more like-minded tattoo enthusiasts have become inspired to follow suit. These inkings involve the same repetitive needle work that other tatts require. However, there are some distinct differences with this kind of body art.

Secret messages
For one, there isn’t enough room for large, intricate designs. Therefore, people who go this route tend to go for plain text or a small, simple image. Some might use the inner lip tatt to represent their interests or passions. The Daily Mail reported that one inked up individual chose the word “Vegan” for her tatt, while another went in a humorous direction with a mustache on the inside of his upper lip. Another comedian got the words “sore lips” – which is possibly a reference to the pain involved in the tattooing procedure. Others may take advantage of the fact that these tatts are hidden and use them to convey a very personal message. One couple had the words “forever” and “and ever” etched inside their lips to express their eternal devotion.

“Inner lip tattoos have always been a bit of fun, as you can choose when and where to show it,” veteran tattoo artist and owner of Monsters of Art, Dan Gold told the news outlet.

Gold also noted one other major difference between these tatts and inkings done elsewhere. He said that the majority last no more than five years, and some might even begin to fade within a month or two. So even if you have any tattoo regret, you won’t have to stress about getting rid of your unwanted ink.

So what are the most popular designs? Style Craze reported that the word “love” is a common choice for hopeless romantics who want ink on their inner lips. Additionally, the source revealed that the word “lust” is popular among those who consider themselves driven by passion, and “fixation” is often selected by people who who have a strong predilection for fashion or something else entirely.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013