It's no secret that today's society is all about getting inked, and more places are hiring people with embellished body art. As explained by Forbes, even the medical, corporate and education sectors are becoming increasingly accepting about policies , whereas before they were typically more straight-laced. If you can find a job that suits you well and allows you to be yourself, more power to you. But just incase you can't you might want to reconsider not what, but where you're getting inked. Whether you're on the job prowl or not, these may just be the top five bad places to get a tattoo. 

1. Hands
The handshake is the first step of an interview. As you extend your arm to meet a new person, there it is staring your future boss right in the face – your inked fingers, knuckles or hands. It's not like you can wear gloves to the interview, and even if you could pull it off, what about the duration of your employment for that company? As the handshake is the first impression, you may be nixed from the get-go no matter how much you rock, all because of that phrase on your knuckles.

2. Face
Very few people can pull this look off and maintain a professional air. Sure, a face tattoo works if you're Cara Delevingne or Rihanna, but it might put a damper on your life plans in other scenarios. How many teachers do you know that have stars or other tatts on their faces? If the answer is none, it's probably because there's a reason for it. Like the hands, you can't really do much to cover up your face. Sure, you can put some makeup on your cheek or ear, but do you want to do that forever? Furthermore, tattoos sometimes get infected, which means your skin may look like it has a rash rather than that sweet new ink you just paid for. Not exactly you're vision, is it? 

3. Lower back
Also known as the "tramp stamp" this tattoo is nothing you want any part of because its coolness went stale well over a decade ago. Plenty of big name pop artists made this lower back ink a sexy trend in the '90s, but unless you're about to star in a music video, this tattoo has earned a reputation as a "trashy tatt." Don't be that person at the summer work barbecue that has one of these. You may notice a select few colleagues who try to keep the area covered – perhaps a sign of the shameful tramp stamp. 

4. Forearm
This spot makes the lower half of this list because it can actually work at certain jobs, so long as it's a tasteful piece. You can even cover your forearm if you're really in a bind, unless of course it's the summer. You'll look like a lunatic showing up to work sweating in a long-sleeve shirt during the warmer months of the year, but if you really cherish your forearm ink, it may be worth the compromise.

5. Neck
Much like the face, you can't do much to cover that bad boy up, unless of course you're a big fan of the turtle neck shirt, or scarves in the summer. Either option looks pretty out of place, regardless of where you work. 

If you think any of these tattoo locations is keeping you from your dream job, consider laser tattoo removal. Don't let tattoo regret hold you back from living the life you imagined. 

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