For some, getting a tattoo becomes somewhat of an addiction. One design can turn into a more complex, expanded piece, like a whole sleeve. The problem is that people only have so much skin, and if they change their minds about a previous design, they might find they don't have room for the new ones they want. In those cases, the only solution is tattoo removal. By getting rid of the bad tattoos that are no longer relevant or desirable, they have space for fresh ink.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported that tattoo removalists are saying that nearly half of their clients undergo these procedures so that they have room for new designs. One client that falls into this category is Christopher Wicks, a tradesman who has gotten a lot of flack for having a tattoo in another language. Wicks isn't even sure what the Thai script on his arm means, though he suspects it's related to good luck. He has grown to hate the tattoo, which is part of a sleeve that he is otherwise happy with. His plan is to get the rest of his arm redone by a respected tattoo artist who he recently found.

Fresh start, new art
Fortunately, Wicks doesn't have to live with his tattoo regret – he'll be removing it via the new PicoSure laser at Esteem Medi Spa. The Gold Coast Bulletin noted that this state-of-the-art laser is 10 times more effective than previous tattoo removal methods, and is the only technology of its kind on the West Coast.

"I decided to remove my tattoo with PicoSure because it will take fewer treatments and there's no burning or scarring," Wicks told the news source. "You can tattoo over the top within a few weeks once it's gone."

Dr. Terrence Scamp, a plastic surgeon at Esteem, explained that there is "relatively little discomfort" involved in the laser tattoo removal procedure, which entails essentially breaking down the ink into smaller particles.

Oftentimes, someone might be too hasty to get a tattoo instead of doing their research on various options. Tattoo removal allows these people to seek out more talented artists so that they can get exactly what they wanted. The Age reported that Benjamin Laukis of Pure Vision Tattoo in Abbotsford is another example of someone who is running out of room for ink. The 30-year-old has just two empty spots left on his body, one of which he has been saving for a design by Carlos Torres, an LA-based artist. Sabina Kelley, a judge on "Best Ink," explained that artists today are capable of much higher quality work than they were 10 years ago, and tattoo enthusiasts are looking to capitalize on that.

PicoSure® is the latest technology for laser tattoo removal and offers faster and better removal in fewer treatments. PicoSure shatters ink into smaller, dust-like particles which are more efficiently absorbed by the body's natural processes. It is the first and only aesthetic picosecond laser that is FDA-cleared for the removal of tattoos. Visit to learn more and find a PicoSure Practitioner near you.