It's not a new trend for diehard sports fans to get tattoos to commemorate the championships that their favorite teams win. In fact, more and more people are expressing their permanent loyalty with ink. Still, these fans usually wait until the event is over before heating to the tattoo parlor. 

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, many football enthusiasts are likely already dreaming of the designs they might get if their team is triumphant. One Seahawks fans is so optimistic about his team winning the Super Bowl, though, that he's already gotten a tat to prove his pride. Tim Connors' forearm art was revealed when ESPN's Darren Rovell posted a photo on Twitter of the design, which includes a Seahawks logo in color along with the words "XLVIII Champs." Connors didn't just get inked recently, either. He's so confident in his team's abilities that he got the tat done at the beginning of the 2013-14 NFL season.

Solid confidence
In an interview with KOMO 4 News in Seattle, Connors explained that he doesn't have any tattoo regret – yet. Apparently, he's not worried about the possibility of the Seahawks losing.

"There's no tiny room of doubt, at all – anywhere in my head," he said.

He told the news outlet that the majority of the Seahawks fans he's shown the tat to approve of the ink, while the others are concerned it might be a jinx. Connors had to explain his reasoning for getting the tattoo to artist Lonnie Moon of Good Karma Body Art in Edmonds, Wash. After he made a convincing argument, Moon realized that Connors' mindset shows that he's a true fan. Now, Good Karma Body Art is offering a special discount on Seahawks tattoos through the end of the playoffs. The savings are pretty significant, too: They're charging $50 less an hour.

A range of options
This isn't the first time a fan predicted their team's win in ink. A Chicago Blackhawks fan had the Stanley Cup 2013 tattooed on his arm before the NHL Finals were over. Luckily, though, the Blackhawks did take home the Cup. So what if Seattle doesn't win the Super Bowl? Connors will have several choices. If he keeps the tat, he'll have a constant reminder of his team's defeat, or he'll just have to wait for the Seahawks to eventually win the championship. However, he'll still have to tweak the tattoo to reflect the correct year. This isn't the easiest ink to alter, since the Roman numeral 48 is a tricky one to transform. For example, if Seattle wins next year, the Roman numerals for Super Bowl 49 will be XLIX – which looks very different from XLVIII. Starting in 2016 with Super Bowl 50, all of the games will start with the Roman numeral L, posing another challenge. Fortunately, he also has the option of laser tattoo removal, which will give him space for other potential ink down the road.

Connors doesn't have to make his decision just yet. In the meantime, Seattle has an exciting game against the San Francisco 49ers. If they get through that NFC Championship match, all it will take is two more Seahawks victories against either the New England Patriots or the Denver Broncos for Connors' tattoo to be legitimized Feb 2.

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*Source: Harris Interactive, 2013