Sometimes celebrity tattoos inspire other stars. Kendall Jenner has been spending an awful lot of time around new beau Harry Styles, and it seems like the One Direction singer's penchant for ink may be rubbing off on her. It's no secret that Styles has an extensive tattoo collection, including an intricate butterfly on his chest and his latest etching of the words "Silver Spoon" on his arm. However, the pop star is not immune to tattoo regret, and recently had "I Can't Change" transformed into an image of an anchor and "Things I Can't" reworked into the Holy Bible. Apparently, Jenner is learning from her boyfriend's mistakes.

Easing into the trend
Instead of hastily getting permanent ink, the reality star opted for a temporary design. The 18-year-old revealed her new body art on Instagram, and though fans may have been initially shocked that she gave into the tatt trend, she assured them it will wash off.

"don't worry, it ain't real people. creds to: @badwoodx #SharpieTat," read the caption.

This isn't the first time Kendall has gotten temporary ink, either. Last year, she unveiled an enormous backpiece of a skull wearing a Native American headdress on her Instagram. Both temporary tatts were done by L.A.-based makeup artist Nat Wood, but her latest one, which features a small antelope skull on her middle finger, is much subtler. Both pieces were drawn with permanent Sharpie marker, so they'll fade with time. It makes sense for Kendall to go the temporary route – after all, she backed out of getting the real thing on her 16th birthday in 2011. Plus, this ink gives her a chance to experiment with different designs before going under the needle.

It's in the family
Kendall isn't the only Jenner sporting fresh ink. Her little sister Kylie also attracted some attention when she teased a photo of her new gun tatt, also done by Wood, on Instagram. Kris Jenner might be relieved, though, that her 16-year-old isn't ready to commit to permanent ink, either – Kylie's edgy design was also done with Sharpie. 

Meanwhile, Kylie and Kendall's other siblings haven't been as timid when it comes to tatts. Rob Kardashian's body is covered in inkings, two of which are detailed drawings of his mother and father's face. One tatt that he probably should have thought twice about is that of his ex-girlfriend, Adrienne Bailon's name. Kardashian got the design in 2008, but the two split within a year.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2012