As the temperature climbs, clothes come off and tattoos come out. It's officially time to brush up on your knowledge of tattoo care in the sun. Whether you've had your ink for five years or five minutes, specific treatment is essential for tatts to maintain a healthy and attractive appearance.

Put sunscreen over your tattoos every time you go outside. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the sun's UV light can fade the ink. Not to mention, the skin under the tattoo is susceptible to sun damage, such as skin aging and skin cancers. When you're perusing the seemingly endless options of sun protection products, pick one that offers broad protection, water resistance and an SPF of 30 or higher. 

"Avoid the sun at all costs if your ink is still fresh."

Avoid the sun at all costs if your ink is still fresh. A new tattoo is still an open wound, which means the sun will literally burn it because it has not healed completely, explained Anarchy and Ink Tattoo. If you must go out, cover up your newer tatts with clothing or a bandage.

Skip getting a pre-summer glow at the tanning beds this year if you have tattoos. The machinery is dangerous as it is, and body art exacerbates any associated risks. The UV light from the beds can cause a painful skin reaction to a tattooed area of the skin. 

Tanning beds are bad for your tattoos and skin. Tanning beds are bad for your tattoos and skin.

Monitor your tattoos during the warmer months of the year and if you notice any physical changes, contact a dermatologist. The AAD explained that infections don't necessarily happen overnight. A tattoo that you got five years ago could suddenly get an infection. 

If your tattoos have experienced the wrath of the sun's rays, you don't have to live with them forever. Laser tattoo removal can give you a fresh start just in time for summer. 

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