It's a new year, which means it's time for new ink – at least if you're Harry Styles. The One Direction singer is a well-known tattoo fanatic, and continues to build on an extensive collection. That doesn't mean he doesn't suffer from tattoo regret once in a while, though.

Until recently, the 19-year-old had the words "I can't change" inked on his wrist in small letters. Then he decided that he either didn't like the tat anymore, or it was no longer true. Styles apparently can change, and hit the tattoo parlor to prove it. He covered up the previous phrase by transforming it into a large image of an anchor. The meaning behind the symbol is still unknown, but the new design is definitely bolder and more intricate than the simple words he had scrolled on his wrist before.

"I regret this one on my wrist here," Styles once admitted about his previous wrist tattoo, according to The Daily Mirror. "I regret this." 

Since joining One Direction in 2010, the pop star has hit up the ink parlor a multitude of times. In fact, The Daily Mirror reported that he has more than 40 designs already, including the words "Never Gonna Dance Again" on his left foot, two birds on his chest and a butterfly on his torso. Clearly, celebrity tattoos are subject to the same kind of second thoughts that regular people have. Fortunately, stars and regular folks alike have the option of tattoo removal methods or simply turning outdated ink into a new design entirely, as Styles did. After all, when you start to run out of room for fresh ink, it makes sense to get rid of tats that no longer hold their personal significance. 

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013