While knuckle ink may have traditionally been associated with bikers, these kinds of tatts are becoming a lot more popular in mainstream culture. In fact, fingers are arguably one of the hottest locations right now for people considering some body art – perhaps because these designs are visible yet subtle at the same time. Just look to the multitude of celebrities who hit up the tattoo parlor for some finger etchings for proof. Some may have decided to get a finger tatt to express their devotion to a lover, while others merely opted to get one of a symbol that's meaningful to them. The only problem, of course, is that these designs are in plain sight, so they're not the best option if there's a possibility of tattoo regret down the road.

Whatever the reasoning behind their ink, it appears as if this trend is spreading like wildfire through Hollywood.

Here are just a few examples of stars who are sporting some permanent designs on their digits:

Bonding over body art
Some people wear friendship bracelets, but others prefer to express their bond with something more permanent. It's no secret that Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen are – or at least were at one point – quite close. So naturally, after a night out together in Hollywood in 2009, the actress and singer decided to get matching ink that reads "Shhh" across their index fingers.

Lohan and Allen aren't the only celebs with this tatt, though. Months before they underwent the needle for their etching, Rihanna had the same word emblazoned across her index finger in nearly identical cursive.

Since Rihanna is a major tatt enthusiast, it makes sense that she would be present when her BFF, Cara Delevigne, went to the parlor for the first time. What did the model choose for her first inking? She went with a lion tatt on her finger, which she posted a photo of on Instagram. It's unclear why she chose that animal, but it may be a reference to her zodiac sign, Leo. Apparently she took a liking to the design, because soon after, she followed it up with a tatt of her initials CJD on her other hand.

Miley Cyrus, who has an extensive collection of ink, is another star who has embraced the finger tatt trend as an act of bonding. She opted to get a small outline of a heart on her pinky, which is especially meaningful as every other member of the singer's family sport a similar design on their hands.

Cyrus isn't the only celeb who selected a heart for her finger design. Lea Michele, who has always stuck with smaller tatts, also got a heart etched on the inside of her left middle finger. However, she apparently changed her mind about the ink, as she ended up undergoing laser tattoo removal to get rid of the design in 2012.

Everlasting love
Before they even said "I do," "Twilight" star Nikki Reid and "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald decided to get matching finger tatts of each other's first names to demonstrate their devotion. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z are another couple that went for coordinating ink. Except instead of each other's names, they opted to get the roman numeral IV tattooed on their ring fingers. This is a significant number to both of them, as Beyonce's birthday falls on Sept. 4, and Jay's is on Dec. 4.

Ciara and Future are another music power couple that got matching designs on their ring fingers before they even got married. The Atlanta-bred rapper got a "C," while Ciara got "N" for Future's real name, Navydious. 

When Kelly Rowland was spotted without her enormous diamond engagement ring recently, The Daily Mail reported that her tiny tattoo was still visible on her ring finger as a symbol of her commitment to her longtime lover and manager, Tim Witherspoon. Witherspoon has a matching design on his ring finger as well.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013