In the realm of celebrity tattoos, Alyson Hannigan's are not an extreme case. In fact, while the actress does sport some body art, she only has two inkings and they're rather subtle. Still, the "How I Met Your Mother" star appears to be having some tattoo regret. There's no telling whether she doesn't like the designs anymore or whether she feels that they don't fit in with her new role as a mother of two. Either way, The Daily Mail reported that she was recently spotted going to a tattoo removal clinic in Los Angeles. The news source noted that the actress turns 40 next month, so it may be that she's merely decided the inkings are no longer relevant to her as she matures.

So what designs does Hannigan have? On her back she has a Japanese kanji for luck and happiness, but the tatt of tribal dolphins on her ankle is the most visible. These etchings are obvious, for example, when the star is strutting down the red carpet in a short dress and pumps. Recent photographs of the starlet showed that her ink has been fading. This could be because she's already undergone a few laser tattoo removal sessions. Alternatively, sometimes the pigment can merely begin to de-saturate with time. At that point, many people will decide to get a tatt retouched or just remove it altogether.

It seems that Hannigan simply wants a clean slate. She's not the only one, either – other stars, like Amanda Bynes and Heidi Klum, reconsidered some of their ink and sought to eliminate it for various reasons. Regardless, change is a good thing – and Hannigan's transition into motherhood apparently marks a new tatt-less beginning.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2012