Every once in awhile, people think it's a good idea to get a tattoo about their significant other to document their love for that person. However, this decision tends to be cursed – just about everyone who decides to get a tattoo ends up having to cover it up because they broke up with their significant other. This happens to regular people, but it also happens to celebrities, and the cover-ups can always cause a little controversy. So who's been under scrutiny for covering up or removing a significant other's tattoo? Consider these celebrities.

1. Keyshia Cole
This songstress had the words "Truly Blessed: D.Gib" tattooed on her shoulder to honor her husband, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson. However, after the pair got divorced, Cole went back to the tattoo parlor and decided to cover up the embarrassing tattoo with a butterfly, though the words truly blessed still sit above it.

2. Denise Richards
The well-known supermodel decided to tattoo her husband, Charlie Sheen's name on her ankle. While the pair stayed together for awhile, they underwent a very public split that left Denise wanting nothing to do with Sheen. So, she decided to replace the name with an image of a fairy.

"To echo her love for the rapper, Azalea decided to have "Live, Love, A$AP" tattooed on her fingers."

3. Iggy Azalea
This pop star has made headlines for many things, but when she decided to date rap star A$AP Rocky, the relationship was very public. To echo her love for the rapper, Azalea decided to have "Live, Love, A$AP" tattooed on her fingers. When the duo broke up, Azalea didn't cover it up. Instead, she simply put an "x" through A$Ap Rocky's name and kept the other words.

4. Rihanna
Rihanna has several tattoos, but one of her most notable ones was a Maori Tribe tattoo that reminded her of her beau, Chris Brown. However, after domestic abuse allegations, the pair split for good and Rihanna didn't want to look at the reminder that sat on her forearm and hand. So, she decided to have a henna print tattooed over it along with lashes on her fingernails to create a new look.

5. Kaley Cuoco
The "Big Bang Theory" star has become one of America's sweethearts. When she came onto the scene several years ago, she was married to tennis star Ryan Sweeting. However, after a few years of bliss, allegations emerged that Sweeting was abusing alcohol and prescription drugs, driving Cuoco to divorce him. However, during their courtship, Cuoco had gotten the date of her union tattooed on the back of her neck. After their divorce in 2015, Cuoco turned the image into a butterfly.

6. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie's love affair with Billy Bob Thorton was very public. The rebellious duo wore what they wanted and acted how they wanted during their time together. They also decided to get each other's names tattooed on their arms. When the well-known couple finally called it quits, Angelina decided to clean up her tattoo by having Billy Bob's name removed and instead replaced with coordinates of her children's birth locations.