Most people know that viral sensations, whether they're a picture shared on Twitter or a Snapchat video, only last a few weeks in Internet time. Once they've faded out, they might be commemorated with a mention here or there, but for the most part, they're forgotten. Most people seem to be OK with this process, unless you're Daniel Howland, that is.

Howland decided to get "Damn, Daniel," a phrase that gained massive popularity last week thanks to a viral video tattooed on his leg. The video features 14-year-old Daniel Lara walking around his high school while his friend Josh Holz documents him in a funny voice. In most of the video, Lara is wearing a pair of white vans, which Holz notes by saying, ""Damn, Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans." This phrase particularly went viral, boosting sales for the shoe company and even starting bidding wars for the original shoes worn by Lara. He also received a lifetime supply of white vans after appearing on the talkshow "Ellen."

Howland, from Jacksonville, Texas, told the NY Daily News that he decided to get a tattoo about the viral video simply because of his appreciation for white Vans. So what does his tattoo look like? It simply is one white Van, with the words "Damn, Daniel," underneath. Howland also noted that his friends have jokingly been saying the well-known phrase to him all week, so getting the tattoo just seemed appropriate.

"Howland decided to get a tattoo about the viral video simply because of his appreciation for white Vans."

A common theme
This isn't the first tattoo for Howland, and it probably won't be the last. Howland works as a piercer at Platinum Ink in Austin, so he has quite a few tattoos to show off. He asked his coworker Drew Cottom to tattoo the simple image onto him, and Cottom wasn't surprised.

"When YouTube videos go viral you can always count on @danielhowland to get it tattooed," Cottom wrote on Instagram. "This was fun. Now give me free vans too please."

Last year, Howland decided to get a tattoo of "The Dress," which was an image that went viral because people couldn't determine whether it was blue and black or white and gold. He actually chose to get the tattoo almost exactly a year before he decided to get his "Damn, Daniel" tattoo. Howland's other viral tattoo is a picture of a blue and black dress, with the words "white and gold?" framed around it. However, Cottom wasn't asked to ink that tattoo, which actually landed on the Ellen show's, "Best of 2015."

Howland isn't the only one to commemorate this viral video. Last week tattoo artist Joshy Hislop posted an image of someone's arm with a similar tattoo, though this one featured Vans with laces, which is different from the original pair that Daniel Lara is wearing in the viral video. For now, these are the only two tattoos that nod to the popular video. However, the original video has been remembered in other ways, such as getting remixed and added to rap songs.