Even the most aggressive designs look so gosh darn cute when they're tiny. Maybe that's why so many celebs have picked itty bitty ink over full sleeves and back pieces. Or perhaps these famous folks simply don't want to go through the hassle of covering up gigantic shoulder pieces every day at work. Either way, even the smallest forms of body art express a thousand words.

Here are five tiny tatt tales.

1. Ink in Arabic
Selena Gomez has occasionally flaunted her hardly-noticeable back tattoo since she got it in 2014. According to People magazine the Texan singer and actress paid a visit to celeb tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy shortly after turning 21. 

The Arabic phrase on Gomez's petite shoulder peeks out when she wears a low-back tank top or a loose-fitting sun dress. The script translates to, "Love yourself first." 

2. Shhh… it's… Lindsay's secret
Perhaps the only secret of Lindsay Lohan's that hasn't been shared with the whole world is her miniature "Shh…" tattoo on her index finger. 

Steal Her Style spilled the beans when the publication reported that Lohan got her index ink whilst out for a night on the town with friend Lily Allen. Cat's out of the bag. Don't pretend shushing people with a tiny tattoo wouldn't be hilarious. 

Lohan's little tattoo is no secret.Lohan's little tattoo is no secret.

3. Duo design
Creative power couple Russ Maschmeyer and Jessica Hische have complementary tattoos. The two told AdWeek about their innovative ink.

Hirsche, a freelance illustrator and letterer, decided to get the color model CMY to balance her beau's RGB. It just makes sense, she explained, because Russ springboarded his career in a screen-based medium and she started with print. 

"Designers face insurmountable pressure when thinking about inking."

Designers face insurmountable pressure when thinking about inking. Adweek compared it to how an architect feels when designing his or her own home. 

4. Lucky numeral 12
The young and fabulous Cara Delevigne's inconspicuous ink was featured in Marie Claire magazine. If you look hard enough at the publication's photo, you can see the tops of the roman numeral 12 – a good luck charm for young models

5. The dedicated bird
Marie Claire also reported that Carey Mulligan got a tattoo of a small seagull on her wrist to land a role in Steve McQueen's film "The Seagull." 

Shortly following her tattoo appointment, Mulligan spoke with New York magazine. She explained that for the role she was an "unobvious" choice for McQueen initially because of her previous acting experiences, portraying quiet middle-class women. 

Before McQueen shoved off from their coffee date in London to discuss the film, Mulligan told him how closely related she felt to the character Nina. In the end, it was her idea to get a seagull tattoo that ultimately landed her the job.

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