Have you always wanted to get inked by a celebrity tattoo artist, but don't know where to start? With so many shops dotting the nation, it can be tough to tell where the guys and gals who tattoo the rich and famous hide out. Well, now you can know. Here are five celebrity tattoo artists, and where you can catch them. 

1. Dr. Woo, Shamrock Social Club
If you're really into tattoos, you've probably come across the Shamrock Social Club. However, if you're new to scene, you might be missing out on one of Los Angeles' best kept secrets. On your next sojourn to the West Coast, pop into this place, located on the Sunset Strip.

This guy's clientele is a nice mix of celebs and us common folk. He's inked Ellie Goulding, Drake and Sarah Hyland, reported the New York Times, which has undoubtedly earned him a cohort of devout followers, at least that's what his social media accounts say.

Perhaps what truly makes Dr. Woo stand out among other artists isn't his chill demeanor, nor his Mickey Mouse wrist tatt, but his devotion.

"I do a lot of palm trees, but I try to make each one different," he told The Times. "I don't want to do the same tattoo over and over again."

2. Johnny Opina, Lowrider Tattoo Studios 
​Opina is an up-and-coming celeb artist. CBS News pointed out that he's responsible for some of the beautiful work you might have seen adorning celebs as they strut down the red carpet. He's inked Megan Fox as well as some of the "Day of the Dead" girls.

Opina gives clients tatts and music recommendations. Opina gives clients tatts and music recommendations.

Photos of his work as well as a few rap song recommendations are offered up on Opina's personal website. Both excellent reasons to visit the Delaware-based shop. 

3. Mark Mahoney, Shamrock Social Club
According to LA Weekly, Mahoney got into the business back when tattooing was still illegal, in Boston. He quickly became one of this country's most iconic tattoo artists. His legendary style is predominately black and grey tatts. Make an appointment in advance because he likely has a line out the door. 

4. Paul Booth, Last Rites
Lauded as one of the hottest spots in the country to get inked, Last Rites opened in the late '90s by Booth and his talented cohorts. Unlike other shops, Last Rites is more closely resembles the underworld than a tattoo studio

As stated on the company's website:

"No soul leaves the contemplative and moving environment unscathed." 

If you can't book an appointment with Booth, you can try to catch him at the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo held in July. 

5. Scott Campbell, Saved Tattoos 

"This Louisiana native ditched his career as a biochemist to start tattooing."

This Louisiana native ditched his career as a biochemist to start tattooing. What an excellent choice it was. Campbell's shop is considered one of New York's finest tattoo joints, where everyone from Marc Jacobs to Penelope Cruz have made appointments with the expert. 

A trip to Saved Tattoos is a sensory experience. In addition to fresh ink, patrons can glimpse Campbell's work on mediums that aren't the human body. He's gotten recognition in the fine arts community over the past few years for detailed sculptures and a series of watercolor paintings. 

Even if Campbell isn't available, it's worth checking out Saved because they often host guest artists for a couple of days at a time. This summer, Seth Wood, who specializes in themes that range from natural history field guides to children's fables, is expected to pay a visit to Saved. 

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