Not sure if you're ready for a tattoo? There's an app for that. In fact, there are several. Reduce your risk of tattoo regret and download one or all of these five smartphone apps. 

1. Tattoo my phone 2.0
If you've been pondering that flower tattoo on your shoulder, now you can virtually try it out without committing. Tattoo my Phone 2.0's photo booth feature lets you upload pictures of yourself, then superimpose a tattoo design anywhere you'd like. You can resize or rotate the design to your liking. For $5, it's cheaper than a tattoo or removal. 

"Cast away any doubts about future anchor tattoos with Sailor Jerry."

2. Sailor Jerry 
Cast away any doubts about future anchor tattoos with Sailor Jerry, an app that let's you test out sea-related adornments. If you find something you like, you can use the app's "find an artist" feature to locate a shop close to you. 

3. Tattoo World App
Anxious for some ink, but not sure what you want? Download this app for artsy inspiration, as it allows you to peruse the works of real professionals with new posts on a regular basis. The seemingly endless stream of photos comes complete with comments so that you can learn about others' experiences, as well as get directions to the nearest parlor

4. Tattoo Designs HD
Just because you have a vague idea of a tattoo design doesn't mean you can visualize it in its entirety. If you need some eyecandy to help your decision, consider Tattoo Designs HD, which is a database of hundreds of tattoo designs. Explore everything from love and death themes to barbed wire and animal tattoos. Oh, and it's free. 

Upload pictures of yourself to test-drive tattoo designs. Upload pictures of yourself to test-drive tattoo designs.

5. Tattoo Tycoon
Download Tattoo Tycoon because everyone loves a smartphone game. With this app you can become an artist in your self-made virtual world. If you love other avatar-related games, this one is sure to entertain you – at least when you're bored and waiting for a bus, plane, cab or train. If you get really good, you can expand your studio. There are six scenarios with more than 50 challenges with rock music sound effects to keep you stimulated. 

If you got a tattoo before the invention of the smartphone, or you didn't know these apps existed, and you're experiencing tattoo regret, not all hope is lost. Laser tattoo removal can help you get back your old life. 

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