Some would argue that getting a tattoo is daring. Others might say going skydiving is risky. Doing the two together? Unheard of – until now.

One Canadian woman decided to take the double dare on and got her wrist tattooed while going skydiving. To accurately commemorate the event, Nadine Elaine decided to get the word "AHHH" inked this past October.

A need for steadiness
Some people may deem this feat impossible. After all, humans propel through the air at 120 miles per hour as they skydive. With that in mind, how could the artist have kept a steady hand?

The thought crossed Shannon Claydon's mind before he decided to go in on the mission. Claydon noted to Caters News Agency that he was concerned about the wind throwing off his ability to use the gun and make contact with Elaine's wrist, according to the New York Post.

"The main problem I thought would happen was the wind, but I was able to get over her arm and into the bubble that objects create when falling," the Canadian tattoo artist told the news source.

"The two agreed that the goal would be to complete all three H's before pulling their strings."

To add even more support, Claydon had a team of skydivers surrounding him and Elaine to hold him steady as he completed the word. To make the process easier, Claydon outlined the word before the pair even got in the air. However, the process took some time to complete, adding danger to the task at hand. Claydon was using a battery-operated tattoo gun that he noted didn't have a lot of power to complete the job.

"I made it for a one-time use with basic AA batteries," Claydon told the Daily Mail.

A dangerous leap
Claydon admitted that until he had filled in the last "H," the pair didn't pull the cords to set up their parachutes, a very risky move. Most skydivers know there is a certain height that it is wise to pull the cord to help promote a safe landing. For this pair, that regulation didn't matter.

So how was the idea created? Claydon came up with the idea, according to the Daily Mail, and decided to find a willing participant to join him on the mission. Elaine gladly volunteered, and the two set a date to free fall and tattoo together. Once they had decided on an easy word to complete, the two agreed that the goal would be to complete all three H's before pulling their strings. Of course, if they got too close, they would have to ignore the rest of the tattoo and pull the cords.

Luckily, that didn't happen, so the two Canadians consider the stunt a success. However, it almost didn't happen in the first place. In order to successfully tattoo Elaine's wrist, she couldn't wear the normal skydiving suit required in colder conditions. However, the temperatures on Oct. 24 almost required that she wear the suit so she wouldn't freeze in the air. Luckily, it was a few degrees warmer than that requirement, so the pair decided to push on.

Unfrozen and tattooed, Elaine documented her journey by taking a picture as soon as she landed.