Regardless of objections from family, friends and even employers, for many of those who opt to get tattoos, it usually comes down to one thing – it's going on their body, so why does it matter to anyone else? While this is technically true, what many tattoo enthusiasts don't discover until later down the road is that they often aren't the only ones who have to see the ink on a daily basis. In fact, some instances – like back tattoos, for example – can only be viewed by others.

In other words, tattooing can have more of an impact on our relationships with others than many may realize at first. Some have found their family, friends and even romantic partners have been put off by what they perceive to be bad tattoos. Others have attempted to secure their relationships even further with matching or dedicated tattoos, with mixed results. Either way, more people are finding that tattoo regret can sometimes be a two-sided affair.

Tattoo turmoil
The decision to get a tattoo, as well as the design itself, can often be deeply personal. However, that doesn't mean that others aren't impacted one way or another. This is a lesson that some have to learn the hard way – sometimes, even celebrities.

According to My San Antonio, actress and former Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria recently ran into this issue when she came to loggerheads with her boyfriend over her past tattoo history. As the source reported, she recently made the decision to undergo laser tattoo removal at the behest of her beau, who insisted that the 39-year-old celeb was much prettier without the inked skin. The actress currently sports several small tattoos, including on the small of her back, the back of her neck and both wrists. It is unknown as yet how many, if any, of her existing tattoos Longoria will be keeping, or if she plans on having them all removed. 

When relationships get under your skin
Having a family member or partner who isn't thrilled with your choice of body art can be awkward and uncomfortable, but there are those who swing completely the other way, attempting to use tattoos to cement their relationship or take it to the next level. Many people have heard the romantic stories of besotted lovers immortalizing their heart's desire by tattooing the name of their beloved onto them. In truth, the reality tends to be somewhat different from the fiction. 

Couples tattoos are simultaneously more common than many people think and yet still rare enough for them to be shocking whenever they surface. The notion of a commitment as everlasting as the ink in your body may seem romantic and heartfelt, but there are few surer paths to tattoo regret. Interestingly enough, Men's Room noted that this romantic tradition actually originated with sailors in the 19th century, who would tattoo the name of the women they spent time with at each port onto their arms. In fact, it reportedly wasn't uncommon for sailors to cross out names and tattoo new ones underneath at each new destination.

If such a practice seems crass, it at least highlights the issue associated with such a thing – as much as we'd like to think otherwise, romantic relationships are more often than not not permanent. Tattoos, on the other hand, are.

Of course, there are other applications. The source noted that it's increasingly common for parents to tattoo their children's names onto them. In fact, this is widely regarded as the "most acceptable" form of tattooing, since parenthood is one of the few things that remains permanent.

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