As society becomes increasingly dependent on its mobile devices for a variety of functions, applications for them have been growing rapidly. Now, it seems as if there is an app for nearly any purpose you can imagine – including tattoos. As people consider their potential body art, these programs can be helpful in avoiding possible tattoo regret from poor planning. Some of the apps are better than others, but fortunately, those who download them can quickly delete them. Eliminating a useless app is a lot easier than any tattoo removal methods, after all.

Many people opt to draw their own designs so that they have greater creative control over how it comes out on their skin. However, some people just don't have the artistic skills to do so. That's where Instattoo comes in. CNet compared the functionality to a kaleidoscope, explaining that you can choose a basic tribal-style pattern, size and style and continue to warp the design until you like the look. Since there are a vast number of possible variations from rotating the image, it's nearly impossible to get the same design as another user – a major perk for those who want a truly unique tatt. You can easily save and share designs with fellow body art enthusiasts, and more importantly, you can make high-res prints to give the artist doing your work. Interestingly, CNet noted that the app's developer has even used the program for one of his own etchings.

Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine
Ink addicts who always want to be in the know about celebrity tattoos and industry trends will love this app, which is the digital version of U.K.'s best-selling body art magazine. The best thing about the digital magazine is that you can download it by issue or get a full yearly subscription, and the app itself is free. The Times of Northwest India noted that not only does Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine give international tattoo artists some press, but also gives up-and-comers their chance in the spotlight. The articles cover a range of topics relating to the tatt culture and lifestyle, and also showcase some photographers that specialize in capturing ink. Using this app, you'll also learn about independent as well as big-name tattoo shows and conventions around the world.

The Daily Dot ranked this one of the Top 5 Tattoo Apps in existence, and it's not surprising. The program, which the news outlet described as a WordPress for tat​tooists, is updated multiple times every single day, and features particularly notable body art as well as info about the artist behind the work. It's an ideal app for those who need some ink inspiration, as you can easily browse the collection by specific categories. Users are also able to vote on their favorite etchings in a Tattoo of the Day contest. Flipping through the gallery of winners could also prove helpful for those who need an idea for their next design.

Tattoo FX
If you're thinking about getting a tatt but aren't ready to commit to a design, this is the app for you. Tattoo FX, which is only available for Android, is a photo editing program that lets you see what you'd look like with body art without even having to go under the needle. The app boasts hundreds of different tatts but if you don't like what's available, the INK Cam lets you upload your own artwork. Plus, if you're thinking about getting words inked on your skin, TattooFX has an enormous library of different fonts to play around with. The program also features compositing technology that can tint the tatt so that it matches your skin type so that the image looks more realistic.