Even though the Super Bowl is over, emotions are still riding high for football fans everywhere. Considering the Seahawks' overwhelming 43-8 win, there's no arguing that the Big Game was a sweep. Still, there was no telling that the score would be so extreme. In fact, fans from both cities were optimistic going into the Super Bowl that their team would come out victorious. Some were so confident that they even got body art to prove it – and the most assured and diehard fans of all even had the word "champs" with XLVIII included. Depending on which team the tatt honored, these fans might be either grateful for their ink or experiencing some tattoo regret.

It was a risky move, especially because it's nearly impossible to change those roman numerals if the team wins down the road. Those brave Seahawks fans who went under the needle are fortunate in that their body art is relevant. For example, Tim Connors gained notoriety after he made a bold move and got a tatt commemorating Seattle's Super Bowl XLVIII win way before the team even played this season.

"I don't want to say they have it in the bag, but I'm pretty confident," Connors told ESPN.com the week before the Big Game.

His loyalty was certainly legitimized. On the other hand, Broncos fans are likely not loving their new ink quite as much.

A loss is already difficult to deal with for sports fans, particularly for a game as major as the Super Bowl. What makes it worse, though, is having a permanent reminder of that loss on your body. Impulsive inkings are not uncommon, and luckily, they also don't have to be permanent thanks to laser tattoo removal.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013